Yahoo! Pay Per Call Review Claims Poor User Experience?


Back last November Ingenio & Yahoo! to teamed up for Pay Per Call service. Yesterday, Search Engine Watch Forum moderator, Discovery, posted a review of his tests with Yahoo Pay Per Call as a consumer.

Discovery says that with Yahoo! you go to an ad, click on it and it tells you to dial this VOIP 800#. The line quality is poor, since it's over IP lines and the consumer still needs to pick up his phone and dial you. Discovery says, it is easier to just put your direct 800# in the Yahoo! ad and let the consumer call you that way.

He asks,

Do you feel that giving the user the ability to simply CLICK to call is going to inspire visitors to respond to these ads? Will they convert better? Will the ROI be greater? Will these calls result in tying up your sales team with unqualified calls? After all the visitor has only read 70 characters or less about what you are offering...

These are great questions and since Pay Per Call is so new, it is hard to say. These beta testing periods by all the Pay Per Call providers are going to reveal a lot. I am excited to get some of this data and learn the pros and cons of actual Pay Per Call campaigns, directly from the forums.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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