The Google Cooler Fridge

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Google is reportedly giving away Easter presents to some high spending AdWords customers and high performing AdSense publishers. Via DigitalPoint forums, a thread named Google cooler?, has documentation that people are receiving a 18x18x10 small fridge from Google. After digging up some information, I found Philipp linking to that shows a nice picture of the fridge. This person received the gift because they "hit their millionth PPC lead through AdWords." So what does it look like?

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04/17/2006 01:21 pm

I want one! My pay out is about $100 a month but big things come out of small things (pardon the pun) I have two Google polo shirts which are REALLY nice and a GSA ($2000) now I want a fridge for next to my desk. ALSO I want another invite to G Wallet so I can set up my biz account now.... Thank you Larry Thank you Sergey What nice guys David

Jason Lewis

04/17/2006 01:27 pm

We recieved one of these last Thursday I believe. They are very cool, heat or cool whatever you put in it, has shelving and appears to be able to be used in your car.

Marc-arthur St-val

11/25/2009 03:16 am

How you doing ,i have one and i lost the plug can you help me to find one please

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