Chinese AdWords Advertisers To Sue Google Over Click Fraud

Apr 7, 2006 • 8:18 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Legal Issues in Search

Search Engine Watch moderator Jeff Martin reports that Chinese Adwords Advertiser To Sue Google Over Click Fraud. The thread has a link to an article written in Chinese which was "loosely translated," into the following.

Mr. Huang, who has been using Adwords since 2004, normally pays 158 RMB per month. However, on 1/26/06, his Adwords charges suddenly run up to 8,000 RMB.

He sent an email to Google China and asked for investigation. Google replied that there was nothing wrong with the clicks and had no suspicion of click fraud. He then asked Google to provide supportive data and Google declined. He’s going to file a lawsuit, which will be the first lawsuit against Google in China.

With the recent refunds to US based advertisers for "invalid clicks" by both Yahoo and Google, it is no wonder non-US based advertisers want a piece of the pie.

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04/07/2006 07:51 pm

1- Does he take advantage of Google Analytics 2- Does he use either Client or Server Side Stats For the "expensive" lawsuit to go forward - he had better be able to provide independant back-up data to substantiate his claims. It is amazing how many people send substantial money for nor even KNOW about them! Or EVEN think to use a seperate landing page, or at least a seperate URL paremeter if they are using the same page.!

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