Google PageRank Update Underway

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Reports come from all the forums that Google is currently updating backlinks and PageRank scores of pages. This means that little green bar, in the Google Toolbar either increased, decreased or remained the same for you. It also means that Google may be showing more or less or the same number of backlinks for you, when running the command, which is practically worthless anyway.

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Michael Martinez

04/05/2006 04:40 pm

I understand why so many people who are new to SEO freak out over something as worthless as Toolbar PR. But why do so many knowledgable members of the industry, who have seen the debates rage back and forth, still treat the quarterly PR updates as if they are news? This is like when the television networks run a "Full Moon Tonight" special interest piece on a slow news day. Okay. We get the joke. I don't think it's funny any more.

Barry Schwartz

04/05/2006 04:50 pm

Michael, as I told you in the past. SER is all about covering "forum buzz." There are now over 10 different forums discussing it. That makes it more then worthy to post here. I am pretty sure all the readers here understand my thoughts on PR. Also, note that I said "practically worthless anyway."


04/05/2006 11:02 pm

I think part of the reason there is a continuing interest in PR updates is because they used to be so important. It's just a reaction to be excited that is left over from that period.

Mark Wilson

04/07/2006 06:56 am

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