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Friday we reported on the Ask commercials, but if you haven't seen them as of yet - you can now. Go to the Ask Blog and read their entry Ask In Primetime. You will need QuickTime to view the commercials.

The first is named the Cafe.

In the midst of an Internet cafe where searchers have yet to evolve, one discovers's unique tools starts remembering what it's like to feel human.

The second is named the Animals In Pants.

A scientist using the Binoculars tool on Ask ponders the question of what separates man from beast...and gets some help from an unexpected source.


Major compliments to for posting these on the blog. And as always, forum discussion on this specific topic at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Thomas Lee

03/26/2006 08:00 pm

As user I found myself insulted by the TV spot inferring that I'm a monkey and/or just monkeying around on the web if I'm not using search. I'll likely never use

Igor M.

03/27/2006 04:45 pm

It's a funny commercial and I think it's working for them. Nothing to be insulted by in my opinion. If you know that you're not a monkey, then why would you be insulted by someone implying that on you?

Todd Henley

03/28/2006 05:01 am

I think the monkey campaign is smart, but too similar to the current dinosaur campaign Microsoft Office is running.


04/29/2006 04:12 am

can someone tell me who signs the song that is playing during the new commercial with the bigfoot?


08/11/2006 03:28 am

the song in the bigfoot commercial, "how to talk to girls" is Bob Welch's 'Sentimental Lady'.


08/29/2006 04:14 am

Love the Animal in Pants commercial. One of the best ever. Thanks Ask!!


10/12/2006 08:42 pm

Great question Bridgette I was wondering the same thing. Thanks KHunter I never would have guessed that song...


10/14/2006 08:21 pm

can anybody tell me who the actress in the ask.combigfoot commercial is ?


10/18/2006 03:08 am

can anyone tell me the name of the song/creator used in the "red" ask spots ... the all type/graphic ones ... it's electronica and I HAVE to find it! thanks, c


04/22/2007 12:30 pm

who is the gentleman on the commercials running on USA now? it talks about pimpedout cars and how tight and pimeped are similiar works and searches for similiar phrases.


04/25/2007 12:54 pm

Here's a novel idea...get RID of the moron doing the commercials now...he isn't worthy of being on TV and he does topics that only a few of us give a rats ass being attacked by a bear...WHO CARES?? and what's worse is the one previous to this one, the guy is talking about pimped out cars..OLD PEOPLE DON'T TALK LIKE THAT..Maybe you can do a little better on these for the AMERICAN people...And find a different spokesperson. Like myself. I'd be happy to do it..but i had better have some better subjects to work with.


05/19/2007 02:14 pm

I saw an awesome commercial last night, about knowing what 'the algorithm' is. I was looking for it online today, to see if I could watch it again. Can anyone tell me where to find it online?

Dr. M

06/08/2007 08:30 pm

Sexy women dancing with phallic swords? I doubt the many women I know who constantly do business and research via the internet want to be reduced to dancing-girls. Stupid ad. MORONIC. The ASK ad is BEHIND THE TIMES.


05/10/2009 01:39 am

who is the lady in the commercials


05/10/2009 01:39 am

who is the lady in the commercials


06/10/2009 04:35 pm

Unbelievable. What a bunch of losers.

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