Convincing My Boss To Let Me Go To Search Engine Strategies NYC!

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SES NYC is definately the one Search Engine Strategies event to be at if you had to be at any conference this year. I usually enjoy it thoroughly, and there is an amazing amount of talented people and highly useful information presented each time. Plus, all the cool people will be there as well.

There is a thread on SEOchat, where one of the members is trying to get his boss to front the money so he can attend. His boss doesn't think its a good idea, come up with the lame excuse: "My bosses say you never learn anything from these conferences anyways". *Cough*

Lame, lame. As any regular conference goer will know there are some amazing oppourtunities and learning experiences in search marketing for your business but also some good networking and entertainment each day. Plus if you don't like networking, you can always go see a broadway show or ride to the top of a very tall building.

In order to help some of you out that "need" to convince you boss to go to Search Engine Strategies NYC or beyond. Here are some top 10 benefits for going:

  • 1. Top-level Search Engine Marketing Knowledge & Updates from Industry Leaders
  • 2. Great Begineer to Advanced Sessions for 4 days (lots of choices and topics available)
  • 3. Cool conference swag in the exhibit hall
  • 4. Networking after hours
  • 5. You will come back with a ton of ideas (impress your boss)
  • 6. Strengthen your resolve to do well in SEO
  • 7. The Google Sandbox will not scare you after SES
  • 8. Meet Matt Cutts and Annoy Him
  • 9. Put a Name to the Face (meet your favorites forum friends & enemies)
  • 10. Search Engine Parties!!!!
There are a hundred other reasons you might want to go to SES and what you can benefit from it. Those are just a start.

Continued discussion at SEOchat & Search Engine Watch

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02/17/2006 08:12 pm

Change boss!!! Obviously that boss does not realize the power of conferences...and meeting the key players. tsk tsk


02/18/2006 10:50 am

>> "My bosses say you never learn anything from these conferences anyways" lol


02/18/2006 06:06 pm

My opinion: save your money and go to the San Jose SES conference in August - more people, more parties, more valuable.

Bill Kelm

02/19/2006 08:35 pm

You get out of anyting what you put into it! SES is a great conference, and if you go there with a previously "thought out" set of goals (which includes a lot of fun in networking with others), then to you, it will be more than worth the money. It may even bring business contacts that bring a huge ROI. However, if someone could convince the new owners of Jupiter Events to, somehow, lower their prices for people who can do them some WOM good, yet their company (self-owned or not) can't afford the current prices (their must be an effective mktg. way to do this that brings a long term ROI for Jupiter Events), then it would increase buyer and seller benefits. Competition for conference attendence is on the increase, and pricing is becoming more of a determining factor no matter how good the conference is, IMO.


02/20/2006 05:44 am

An Intelligent will definetly say "YES" to everything which will come out with some worth to company services. Conferences are the good part for gaining knowledge and new experiences. So, sometimes, its better to choose some GOOD Conferences inspite of daily rountine job.


02/20/2006 11:19 am

conferences is very much needed for keep you update.

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