MSN Search Update & New Design

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MSN has possibly made the most visible SERPs update for any search engine in a long time. Not only do we have reports from the forums that they SERPs have changed (i.e. the results are different for search queries), but they also changed the MSN Search page design.

Forum folks tend to like the new design and some love the new SERPs. One member said about the design; "Looks cool .. clean .. no clutter .. I approve personally"

So get picking at the algo update.

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Search Engines Web

02/18/2006 11:23 pm

MSN has RETURNED Back to Previous SERPs.... The Update perhaps did not work out as well as Planned.....Now if Only Google Would be as Humble when their Updates don't work out as planned... Relevany is the bottom line - sure there will be SPAM - but being obssesed with cleaning out all spam at the cost of overall relevancy - THIS IS COUNTER PRODUCTIVE


02/19/2006 07:08 pm

i need help on my msn and i can not do it and it is making me MAD i have to update my msn and put up a picture up of me!!!!! they should make it easer to find stuff on line kk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinley Rodick

02/21/2006 05:57 am

Is msn update?

Neuronimbus Software Services

02/21/2006 06:29 am

Now, MSN is really fast and updated regularly. You don't have to imagine if your website updated or cached regularly after 24 hours and your new modified page would be cached with short time. Getting fastly your inbound link and make it live. And also, if your optimizers are really good, then you can really gain popularity at MSN. Really Fast now with new design. Thanks & Regards, Neuronimbus Software Services Pvt. Ltd.

Joyce Procopenko

02/26/2006 06:06 pm

Please note that I am looking to up date my MSN peronal web sight, I have an old version. Can someone help me with this?

scented candles

06/22/2006 07:04 pm

Don't like the update. My site drop from #2 to no-where-to-be-found.......

leah gale

11/11/2006 07:53 pm

i need to update my msn because i would like to see people on web cam and i would also like it because i want a dispaly picure.


03/29/2009 12:01 pm

i can't update my msn it's so annoying!


04/24/2009 06:21 pm

i cant update my msn but if i dont update it then i cant see people on web cam it is well anoying


05/14/2009 05:09 pm

i want my new msn


05/16/2009 10:14 am

Does Any One Know How To Update Msn????


05/21/2009 10:17 am

You have to get the latest version of Window Installer, run it and try to update again. Good luck.

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