Does Yahoo! PPC to Sell PPC?


Disclaimer: This post is not based on fact, it is based on an assumption that has no evidence, whatsoever.

A thread over at DigitalPoint forums named Call From Yahoo/Overture shows a funny call Shawn received from a cold caller at Yahoo! Search Marketing named Lisa. The call shows that Yahoo! folks are calling from a database of names with inaccurate information, or simply not well trained to cover up the poor data in the database.

Based on the conversation posted at the thread, is seems like Lisa is getting paid in piecemeal. It seems, as if they are paying folks on a PPC basis (Pay Per Call) to sell PPC (Pay Per Click).

Honestly, I doubt this is true, but I wanted to use it in the title of the post.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Shawn Hogan

02/01/2006 09:34 pm

Dude, it's true (except for the person's name... I didn't want to get anyone in trouble). I just pulled the number from called ID, and I called it to make sure (888-254-xxxx), and it's indeed a Yahoo Search Marketing PBX system, so... {shrug} I don't want to give out the full number because I still don't want to get anyone in trouble (maybe they track individuals by a unique number or something).

Barry Schwartz

02/01/2006 09:36 pm

I know your story is true. I meant the way they pay these people is not probably done on a PPC basis. :)


02/02/2006 12:55 pm

Hilarious story. However, poor lady probably works for an hourly wage. Probably isn't called Lisa either... One would have hoped Yahoo didn't have to lower themselves to standards of penny-stock pinchers.

Mark Ijlal

02/04/2006 06:33 am

Acutally it is a standard practice in outbound telemarketing - whether it is being done inhouse or a 3rd party is conducting the telemarketing / telesales operations. They long ago figured out that if you pay minimum wage plus couple of bucks on every sale snagged, the telemarketer will work a little harder. Yahoo is just doing what mortgage companies, insurance agents and other assorted telemarketers have done for decades.

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