What? No Google on Vista? Google Strikes Back on IE 7!

Jan 12, 2006 • 2:24 pm | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Bing Search

As some of you may know, Bill Gates unveiled Windows Vista at the CES Keynote address early this year in Las Vegas. There, attendees and users that followed via webcast (thanks Gary!) and other news stories all around. What Bill didn't talk much was about Google on Vista, so here is a peak.

I couldn't help keeping this one to myself. A friend of mine just forwarded to me these images from the Beta version of the new Windows Vista and how it recommends search engines, calling it "Windows Search Guide" (click image to view a full snapshot):


Funny how it says way down at the bottom of that page, "Done, but with errors on page."

Anyway... Google strickes back on IE 7!


This should be fun :-)

Postscript: Added link to page "Windows Search Guide", which currently shows no mention of Google.

Update: Added a forum thread at our forums, named it Tit for Tat Between Google and Microsoft based on Battelle's ping. Should be a fun conversation. Thanks Nacho for bringing this to light.

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01/12/2006 08:22 pm



01/12/2006 09:57 pm

I've been playing around with latest beta version of Vista and noticed this message but it wouldn't let me install Google search into IE7. It would start doing something but later on in the drop down menu with the list of search engines integrated into IE I would still see only MSN. I've noticed that there is also a manual way to add a search engine through IE7 but I never tried doing that.

gary price

01/12/2006 10:34 pm

When I downloaded the Google Video Player the other night I was offered the chance (by default) to change my default engine in IE to Google by just clicking. I have a screen cap here. http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/img/google_msie_change.jpg Again, it comes pre-checked so a user has to remove it, otherwise it will change.


04/18/2006 07:03 pm

I've made a script wich lets you add any search provider http://www.paranomad.com/ie7SearchProvider/


11/13/2006 10:52 pm

who wants to add google as their default search engine anyways?

Robert J Collins

02/25/2007 12:44 am

You can add it (Google Search Provider) and other IE 7 providers from MS's site: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/searchguide/default_new.mspx

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