Ask Brands Ask France Without Jeeves

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Let me start off by saying that I do not know exactly when Ask launched its French version of the engine. It might have been today, I do not see any press releases on it. But there is a brand new thread on the topic at Cre8asite forums named Ask in France where member Nadir points out the Ask logo on does not have the "Jeeves" portion in the logo. It is not only Ask France, it is on Ask España launched a few months ago and also no "Jeeves" name on について. However, "Jeeves" is written out at and all of them have the Jeeves character logo.

I wish I would have known if the Japan and Mexician versions had Jeeves written out when they launched. Anyway, it is a subtle thing to notice and it may be part of the Ask Jeeves transition to be known as just Ask.

asklogobfrance.gif home_logo2.gif

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12/27/2005 03:43 pm

Ask France Beta was launched on december 14:

Remi van Beekum

12/27/2005 03:54 pm

They also released the Dutch version of Ask a few days ago. (without any marketing) See: Also without the 'Jeeves'.


12/27/2005 05:05 pm

there is also the the italian version, everyone say when is released?


12/27/2005 06:19 pm

And a German version: Looks like they finally target western Europe like they promised at the SES in february.


12/27/2005 09:03 pm

Yes, Ask was actually launched on Dec 14th, <a href=""></a> As for the "missing" Jeeves, I do think that it's because Jeeves is an English name only, and people wouldn't have understood why a search engine is called "Ask Jeeves". I think is definitely the best way to go for their worldwide expansion.

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