New Netscape Version Offers Other Browser Views

Oct 25, 2005 • 12:47 pm | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Web Design Tips

Barry Welford, Cre8asiteforums Moderator, has posted this about the latest version of Netscape in Netscape 8.0.4 and Site Controls.

"It can basically be set up to show web pages either as they would be seen in Internet Explorer or in Mozilla Firefox. You can switch to the other by clicking on a small icon in the tab. If you want to check how web pages might look in the "other" browser, that's great functionality. It's all part of what is called Site Controls. "
Not sure if this will lure me away from Firefox and Opera, but anything that makes website development testing easy and convenient is worth a nod.

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Web Content Solutions - Web De

10/27/2005 03:56 pm

I personally think its a good idea. However, I am still an IE guy. As a programmer developer, Im sick of trying to write pages for multiple browsers. Whats wrong w/ eveyrone making their browser Microsoft Compatible? Then everyone will have a browser that works for ALL PAGES! (please, dont flame me ;) )


10/27/2005 05:32 pm

Taking your comment seriously for a moment, Web Content Solutions, I'd say the biggest argument against making all browsers "IE Compatible" is IE's track-record regarding browser security. None to shabby, right? Oh... wait...

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