Google Base and Google's Better Late Than Never Arrival Into Real Estate

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There has been some talk this morning onto what will actually be included into Google Base, there are some nice screenshots that have come live this morning. Giving us a little glimpse of how Google thinks the world's information should be organized. Here is a shot where you can post your items to Google Base and another shot where you need enter in some information about a house.

According to Google:

This new tool will be introduced during the 'Google Zeitgeist'05 Partner Forum' to be held today at Google HQ in California.

We expect that 'Google Purchases' --the new micropayments service among users-- will be also introduced as a complement to 'Google Base'.

Now according to Philip Lenssen and SEL Google is getting into the real estate listing game, possibly taking a jab at craigslist for some terriority. This has been discussed before in detail and I think people expected Google to do this and many other things eventually. In my title I say "better late than never" in response to the real estate listing services they could potentially offer because it seems befitting to the situation. One because they better make it good. Two, its never to late to do something Google even though they never thought of it first. Three, it never hurts to try even if it stinks, people will try to use it because its from Google.

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Philipp Lenssen

10/25/2005 11:22 pm

This post has been linked from CNN :)

Wireless and Mobile Search

10/26/2005 12:08 am

Just think of the possibilities of this new tool that Google is going to release. I believe it will become a killer app for Loacation Based Services. Big money to be made here in the Wireless and Mobile search Industry


10/26/2005 05:26 am

What does Google have to say about this? Isn't this a leak of information? I think this new tool is going to make Google boom even more than it already is. They really seem to have the edge on things lately...

Ben Pfeiffer

10/26/2005 04:26 pm

Philipp thanks for the link! Very cool indeed. I am not sure what Google is saying about this at the time, but I think its part of a planned show they will release to their investors first and then to the rest of the world. I do agree its going to be big, this will kinda be like the Walmart that moved into a small town squashing the mom and pops along the way. Hopefully places like craigslist and others can wade through it.


10/26/2005 07:03 pm

Google vs. The World! Google's strategy with Google Base is likely to set up a fighting match with most commercial websites and could undermine Google's brand and future business model. Once the darling of the Internet, Google seems to have become greedy and will likely destabilized the industry and its stronghold. So much for the Epic company.

Jim Kole

10/26/2005 07:07 pm

I agree, this does not make sense! This strategy to compete with the thousands of classified sites, publishing companies, recruitment companies, autotrader ... does not make sense. They should stop Google from indexing their sites.

Jame Smith

10/26/2005 07:10 pm

"GOOGLE STOP INDEXING US!" - EBAY, CRAIGSLIST, AUTOTRADER, CAREERBUILDER, NEW YORK TIMES if you want to compete with them!! Legal battles are on the way.


10/26/2005 07:13 pm

Google in Conflict: This is a big conflict of interest. Google needs to clarify it approach or its in big legal battles. We love them now but people are fickle.

Ben Pfeiffer

10/27/2005 03:17 am

People are fickle yes. Search users are very well known to switch search engines at the drop of a hat. The internet makes it easy for anyone to switch between Google and Yahoo or MSN instantly. But you can't ignore brand loyalty, Google has got it big time so that in itself is powerful enough to give the ability to possibility take on industries that other players are dominating in. Wouldn't you? Change is part of the game. However, I do agree with yall, stay on search and advertising, and leave some of those industries alone.


10/27/2005 01:14 pm

Two things. First of all, no matter how you look at it, competition is a good thing. If sites like eBay, craigslist, AutoTrader, CareerBuilder, etc., can force Google to stop indexing their content AND take the associated hit of users no longer finding their content using what is arguably the most popular search engine in the world, then so be it. May the best product win. If anything, it SHOULD lead to improvement of the offerings, with COMPETITION as the motivating factor. Second, no matter how much they expand, I get the feeling that the folks at Google are, far and away, extremely smart when it comes to how they use their money. At this point in time, I have a hard time imagining them simply throwing money at a pet project because they've deluded themselves into thinking it will work.

Matt S

10/27/2005 02:11 pm

Google Base reminds me of ROR - - the XML format promoting "structured indexing" of web content

Amish Shah

10/28/2005 03:04 am

As an affiliate marketer – this will really take away from from my eBay commission business. Why? There are thousands of people like myself who target certain keywords using Google Adwords and make commission by linking to eBay to make a commission. Now I have a feeling those ads will be replaced with the Google Base Ads. This can be an interesting turn – perhaps Google will have some affiliate program?! I started a new forum where we can all discuss Google Base. I hope that you all join me in this!


11/03/2005 01:27 am

The likes of Ebay actually facing serious competition can only be good. Their fees are mounting and their little henchman PayPal is forcing users into accepting even more fees. If you don't like Google, then you at least have to like what the competition does to make other services improve. I don't see this as Wal-Mart moving into town and smashing ma and pa stores. In fact, Google's advertising has actually given rise to many sites and companies that get a lot of hits--but otherwise didn't have a very good advertising system to bring in money.

debary real estate

09/09/2006 01:26 pm

Among the many projects being developed and debated inside Google is a real estate service, according to a person who has attended meetings on the proposal. The concept, the person said, would be to improve the capabilities of its satellite imaging, maps and local search and combine them with property listings.

bunnell real estate

09/20/2006 08:39 am

Google Real Estate is in direct conflict to and competitive to real estate advertisers in AdWords of which we are one. If you are going to compete with advertisers we will have to discontinue paying you to steal our customers…

Dallas TX Real Estate

10/14/2006 02:19 pm

1. As Google base future plan is to grow as single individual verticals like Real Estate Google, Car Google, and Apartment Google when they will release the final Google base. With loads of information. What exactly provides to the end customer, very generic search facility like bedroom, sq ft, and area etc Google base is already having it. is in the business since last 10 - 15 years but do they really added any value to their service to the end customer. Not exactly. Till recently they don’t have map based search. Still this search is not that good. But Information Technology requirement is changing day by day. Customer is demanding more information from Realtors. Provide this and that. Now if we see Google base what exactly they can provide. Their map is good, earth locator is good they bought YouTube so video media can be another enhancement; they have discussion forum, no limits on the words, no limits on the photo. So if Google provides these stuff like Map and Location using Google earth and Google map that will be great. Video Media Ad for free is great. Live chat over voice over IP will be a great asset ( it is kind of open house over the net ) Discussion forum like if you have any comment just leave it over there Pricing of near by homes using open source api. And some other static tool likes mortgage, school, taxes and other stuff. So MLS and its public media will survive in future? It all depends how quickly they change their system and keep their technology basket up to date. If they don’t they will be just another real estate search engine and they will loose primary search engine of real estate


06/05/2007 04:44 am

If they would so decide, I don’t see what would stop Google from moving not only to the National but also the International market. How would the little ’store on the corner’ like compete with the ‘perfect ranking’ and direct access to search, mapping and other tools that that are actually provided by them?

Neil Simmons

07/20/2011 01:59 pm

Google could get into anything if they wanted.

Rob Smeed

07/28/2011 02:53 pm

I think you are right that people will try to use it because its from Google. They do have a pretty good reputation

Sue Clark

08/19/2011 12:31 pm

I think Google's goal is to make operating servers a thing of the past.

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