YPN Run of Network (RON) Ads

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Ben reported yesterday that Rotating YPN and Adsense can be a bad idea. Since then, we have learned that the irrelevant ads shown in those cases, are actually done on purpose. YahooSarah replies at the DigitalPoint thread saying;

The ads he mentioned are not PSAs but are “Run of network” ads, which we call RON ads. RON ads are more generic, category based ads (typically financial services) and publishers do get paid for RON ads. We serve RON ads when a publisher first signs up until we have had a chance to crawl or when the crawler finds sensitive content.

Run of network ads, nice terms.

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Eric Grimley

10/29/2008 11:22 am

How can I stop these obnoxious unwanted ads from popping up all day long?

Bill Gravesmill

11/08/2008 08:00 pm

Go to: Tools/InternetOptions/privacy/advnaced/ check "Override automaticv cookies handling; Check First Part Cookies Accept; Check "Always allow session cookies Check Third Party cookies BLOCK -good luck

Bill Gravesmill

11/08/2008 08:03 pm

go to: IE; Tools; Internet Options: Privacy; Advanced. Be sure that third party cookies are BLOCKED


01/20/2009 06:10 pm

Go to control panel: delete Performance Dashboard by snappyads This did it for me! No more Pop-ups!!!


02/10/2009 12:23 pm

i tried to delete it from control panel but it is asking for a code


02/19/2009 07:19 pm

When you try to uninstall it through Add/Remove it asks for a validation code. The Validation code is displayed just above.. something like ns4t was mine and then i clicked on uninstall and its gone!!


02/25/2009 08:01 am

I tried to remove Performance Dashboard by snappyads but after i put in the code it freezes and the program goes into not responding. and help would greatly be appreciated. Cheers.


03/20/2009 04:39 am

So, I uninstall and it's gone. Then every time I restart or come out of hibernation it's back. Does anyone know how I can permanently remove this crud?

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