First Ever Wedding Proposal via Search Engine

Oct 2, 2005 • 2:15 pm | comments (26) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under - Ask Jeeves

I just wanted to let all you know, that I am now engaged to be married to my beautiful girlfriend, Yisha.

Why am I posting this here, at a search blog? Well, because of the way I did it.

I proposed via Ask Jeeves. I brought Yisha to my office, ask her to search on her name. While she was doing that I kneeled behind her with the ring and flowers. She typed in her name into Ask Jeeves, full name, and up came a special Smart Answer (thanks to Jim Lanzone and team) with the proposal.

I don't have much time to explain it, so go to the idea page for more information.


Also try rustybrick engagement for some other smart searches.

Thanks again to Jim Lanzone, Scott Grieder, Steve Orr, Daniel Read, and the whole Ask Jeeves team!

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Debra Mastaler

10/03/2005 03:02 pm

Congratulations Barry!! May you be blessed with much love and a long life together.


10/03/2005 03:17 pm

Congrats. warm wishes wil all happiness & love. Bless you. A great, cool idea

Joseph Morin

10/03/2005 03:25 pm

Congrats to Barry and Yisha!!! Barry, I didn't know you were so creatice, what a great idea... Good luck now and for a lifetime! Joe

Jim Hedger

10/03/2005 03:27 pm

Congratulations Barry and Yisha.


10/03/2005 04:42 pm

Congratulations mate! Guess for that moment it was really Ask Yisha.....

David Wallace

10/03/2005 06:00 pm

What a great idea! Congratulations to both of you and I wish you a long and happy marriage.


10/03/2005 07:09 pm

Barry, you rock. Luckily I am married, otherwise, I would feel major competitive pressure with your innovation :-)


10/13/2005 03:32 am

A really cool 'n nice idea. Now i know how to surprise my daughter on her next birthday...


10/13/2005 10:28 am

Congratulations! Omg Barry your a sweetheart! A great way to sweep the woman of your dreas off her feet! Your a lucky girl Yisha not many Romeos left in this world! I hope your together forever.

Paavan S.

10/31/2005 08:48 am

Congratulation, from Top SEO Group, Ahmedabad, India.


10/31/2005 10:57 am

I couldn't agree more.

Akash S.

11/08/2005 05:37 am

Really Nice thing, congratulation to both.'s new way of matrimonial marketing.


11/26/2005 04:39 pm

Dude that's really sweet and original. I would have never thought about that... but now even if I would, I'll never be the first ever to propose via a Search Engine ( unless I'd become friends to Larry, Sergey or Eric ). Congrats!


11/26/2005 11:07 pm

First of all, congratulations! What an awesome idea for a marriage proposal. i hope you don't mind if I 'borrow' your idea with my gf of 3 years. ;)


12/02/2005 04:25 pm

One of the best and unique one I have heard of since quite some time. Best of luck and wish you a great life, Barry & Yisha.


01/09/2006 06:57 pm

congratulations and may yall have a wealthy and successful relationship. i am also engaged myself and it feels great. your idea on the website was very unique.


01/22/2006 07:20 pm

cool! sounds nice . really ...congratulation

S Pao

12/25/2006 04:07 am

Wow, good for you!


05/08/2007 06:57 am

Really Nice thing, congratulation to both.'s new way of matrimonial marketing.


06/07/2007 02:25 pm

That's really nice! ;)


09/28/2007 06:23 pm

That is a very unique idea. I've started a forum for unique ideas. I'm looking for the best!


07/13/2008 10:59 am

Many times i read that someone marry in vehicle, someone in sea, someone is sky, but your marriage made in heaven. Congratulations you both


08/05/2008 07:32 pm

thanks. good for you!


11/12/2008 04:11 pm

Too bad you did it on a search engine nobody in the world ever uses. a lame search engine = lame marriage.


03/02/2010 02:25 am

guys cn i have the some thing????

Nicolas Garreau

04/01/2011 03:41 pm

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