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SEOmoz reports on a Dodge the Sandbox for $79... Is this for real? which links to an SEO Chat thread named RankAttack/SEO Sandbox Tool Advisory. It discusses a tool named RankAttack which claims to have a product that gets you out of the Google Sandbox (see page at

This is the product offering:

This software was designed using Google's new relevancy models and patents. The technology used in this software is brand new and no other software package offers it. First understand that the most important attribute your site can have, in the eyes of every search engine, is relativity. SandBox received its name from one of Google's new secret weapons, the SandBox filter. The new Google filter sends all new websites into the garbage can for an unknown period of time -- and it also places websites that have been abused or have low quality into the garbage can. This means, no matter what, your website cannot get listed with Google on any keyword that gets decent traffic. Hundreds of search engines are adapting this concept and it is becoming quite a problem. RankAttack's SandBox software can get your website off this list and much more.

The thread links to a blog entry which explains how this software works.

The means by which the software appears to increase "...popularity..." is by submitting a massive amount of queries to each search engine in its database by taking the url and keywords provided. The algorithim used is apparently a trivial combinitoric permutation of submitting search queries in a cascading manner to each engine by spoofing the HTTP REFERRER from another engine in a fashion similar to spanning trees. This manner is of questionable ethics and even more questionable in results given the simplicity of the algorithim.

Not good, not good at all.

Forum discussion at SEO Chat.

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