Ideas for "Blogging for Fun and Profit" Presentation?

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Looks like I will be giving a little chat at the WebmasterWorld Pub Con in Las Vegas this November. I agreed to chat on the "Blogging for Fun and Profit" session, see the session I covered in New Orleans last PubCon. Now, I have no agenda at all but it will be with a fun group of people including; Jeremy Zawodny, Andy Beal, Garrett Rooney, Chris Pirillio. It turns out to be the one of two "Super Sessions" on the session grid. A super session is a session given during a time slot, with no other sessions. Brett set this up, because he feels the super sessions are sessions everyone (95% of attendees) want to see anyway, so he only has one session at that time, as opposed to the three sessions at one time. The other super session is "Search Engines and Webmasters" with Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN on the panel.

As I said, I have no agenda at all. I was thinking that I chat about how I run this blog. How I spot good threads... Why I started the blog... How I have adapted my writing style (if you call it that) for you guys... How I handled my first advertiser... Show you what software I use for all of this and maybe post in real time...

Any other ideas? Comment here or email me at

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09/16/2005 09:53 pm

I'm just wandering if there will be some one who start filming all these conferences and then distribute copies of SES and PubCons on DVD and online - that would be really great. What would be really cool is to start SEM channel on TV - than I would have buy one :)

Barry Schwartz

09/16/2005 10:19 pm

Idea was turned down by Jupiter Media, dont know about other organizations....

Ahmed Bilal

09/17/2005 12:26 pm

What people would really, really dig would some sort of a checklist of things to keep in mind / issues to look out for when blogging for profit. I know it says "fun and profit" but a lot of people will be looking squarely at the profit aspect of it. Having said that, another valuable addition would a focus on the "fun" factor of blogging - I just maintain a personal blog but reader interaction and being able to voice my views are important to me, and I believe a lot of that has to do with being able to know what your audience wants. good luck

Lee Odden

09/19/2005 01:57 pm

Am very much looking forward to this one Barry. One thing I'm curious about is how impacts your business.

Barry Schwartz

09/19/2005 02:02 pm

Good question Lee, most people don't ask me that. Honestly, since I do not do standard "SEO" services, it has had very little impact on bringing in business to RustyBrick, directly. I think I can track back to three jobs since I started this site, from or forums (1 from here and 2 from the forums). And they were not really SEO specific, in my terms. I tend to like it that way, it allows me to be some what objective on SEO topics.

Barry Schwartz

09/20/2005 12:32 pm

Sent via email, smore... 1. *mobile support* ( is a subject that is somewhat neglected and it will be good to hear from your experience. 2.*comments* - screening + responding 3. *sources* - how difficult it is to get responses directly from the SE, where is the line between the journalism approach and the web-professional approach etc.

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