Cre8asiteForums Opens Discussion on Hurricane Katrina

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It's no secret the Search Engine Marketing and Optimization industry steps up to the plate when one of their own is in trouble. It's a surprisingly interactive group that fights together like siblings do, but also bands together the instant someone needs help. As they send donations to help Aaron Wall and his legal fight, so too, they are scrambling to send support to the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Yesterday I wrote something called Sympathy Is Not Enough For Katrina Survivors, which sparked a thread of discussion behind the scenes of Cre8asiteForums. When I realized that some of the moderators outside the USA, as well as inside, had strong feelings and were trying to deal with their own despair over what's happening, I asked them how they'd feel about opening up a thread to the entire Cre8 community.

They were unanimously for the idea, and so we just launched On Hurricane Katrina: Support, Expression, Communication.

We hope it not only offers refuge for the SEO/SEM/Web Design/Usability community to share feelings, but is also where people can post resources and sites that support rescue and relief efforts.

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09/04/2005 10:00 pm

Beware of who you donate to! Millions are needed to help support the survivors of Kristina. Give your money to the Red Cross,Your Church, or other safe groups. DO NOT give it to the Salvation Army!Major amounts of their funds are spent on lavious living by their so called Officers. I have worked for them and have seen the unbelievable waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars. They would shame some of the worst corporate world executive abusers. Please Beware, there are many other groups were the vast majority of the funds go to relief efforts. Obviously not all of the SA is bad and corrupt, there are many voluteers, helping now, but I guarantee you a good portion of your dollars that have been donated to them in the past have been wasted and abused on the holier than thou, corporate wannabe's. DO NOT DONATE TO THE SALVATION ARMY!

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