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I first learned of the Dynamic Keyword Insertion AdWords trick at the Ad Copy & Landing Page Clinic during SES NYC 2004 and then I got a refresher in both August 2004 and December 2004, the best description I have is from August.

The "bracket trick", which she told the audience in NY. (1) {KeyWord:Long Beach} = All words with initial caps (2) {Keyword:Long beach} = First word capitalized (3) {keyword:long beach} = All words in lower case. This allows you to dynamically put the keyword the searcher used in the engine in the title of your ad with these brackets "{keyword}".

A thread at Search Engine Watch Forums discusses some odd behavior with this trick. One member reports that "In each of these ad groups, 90-100% of the keywords are now inactive, and the new minimum CPC's are 200%-1000% higher than our previous bid prices." He believes it has to do with the new AdWords Pricing Changes.

But Andrew Goodman reports, "I am using dynamic keyword insertion widely and am not seeing low quality scores as a result. I have seen no change in pattern on that front." AussieWebmaster warns that the title area is very short and if the query is long and followed by a brand name, it can get cut off and look weird. So be careful when using it.

The past four out of five entries posted here (including this one) have been about the PPC area within search marketing.

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Heather Paulson

08/30/2005 04:26 pm

Using the Keyword Insertion Tool is not a good idea to use and should not be considered "best practice." The nuances of search indicates many of the e commerce audience use longer descriptive phrases to find what they are looking for, using the dynamic keyword insertion truncates the title rendering it useless. Especially if the keyword is broad matched! Leaving you endless possibilities concerning the pull back for the ad title Having an organized campaign that includes additional sub campaigns with appropriate ad copy takes more time, including negative qualifiers in ad copy, as well as qualifying your clicks will render you higher conversion at a lower cost. There is no substitute for a great SEM.

Barry Schwartz

08/30/2005 04:43 pm

Excellent advice, thank you.


09/12/2005 08:56 pm

If I understand Heather's point correctly, the rebuttal to that would be that Google does not insert the searcher's query where the dynamic text is supposed to go. So long-winded searcher queries are not an issue. Google actually inserts the keyword that is triggered by the user's query. For instance, if the keyword in your account is "rusty brick" and the query is "rusty brick rocks" and you've elected dynamic keyword insertion in your Ad Title, the ad title will be "rusty brick"

Jeremy Palmer

12/14/2005 04:06 am

I've noticed that when I use dynamic keyword insertion that my minimum bids also go up. This seems exaggerated by the latest changes to the quality score.


12/27/2005 08:49 pm

It does pull in the triggered keyword, not the search phrase. If you've got long keywords: 1) make sure to use well thought out default insert text 2) try it on line 2 or 3 (35 chars) versus line 1 (25 chars). Contrary to inference here, it also organizes your campaign results well. Minimum bids will go up drastically if you use it haphazardly or in a shotgun fashion. Use it in a well thought out plan and you'll be closer to bold and blue.

matt harper

03/27/2006 05:35 pm

I have been using dynamic keyword insertion for 3 years. In the past months Google seems to not let me use this function anymore. Does anyone know if Google got rid of dynamic keyword insertion?

Preeti Sharma

10/11/2006 11:39 am

A very nice information and also a very effective one. Thanks!


07/03/2007 05:33 am

By using adwords dynamic keyword insertion {keyword:} will make the title small and helpfull where you are using the same description on similar ad used by related ad group. It sometimes work well but not always.


11/12/2007 10:17 pm

I've noticed that Amazon.com is doing dynamic price insertion on their Google Ads? Does anybody know how to do it? Or know somebody that have?


09/04/2008 01:59 am

(1) Dynamic Keyword Insertion is alive an well. I've used it today and achieved good or great quality scores. (2) Yes, dynamic keyword insertion can cause your ad text to be "cutt off". What you need to do is use {KeyWord:default} instead of just {keyword}. If the search term is too large for the headline or ad text, Google will subsitute the default phrase. adwords-marketing-tool.com

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