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Jul 12, 2005 • 3:02 pm | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

yohaas, a reader, emailed me this crazy UI feature Google seems to be testing out. Basically, he did a search on Outlook object Model and on page two it showed "Alternate Searches" smack in the middle of the SERPs.

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Annoying, no? We had something a bit similar to this with April 06, 2005 entry.

Update: GoogleGuy confirmed this is not spyware and is in fact a UI experiment.

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07/12/2005 07:10 pm

At least they are not ads, but yes - they are annoying. I'd rather see a list of a few alternates (without results) on top like they do with spelling suggestions. The stragest thing about this how odd the suggestions are. I mean "outlook is retrieving data" or "outlook redemption"? Where do those come from.

Michael Nguyen

07/12/2005 08:36 pm

Wow, that is bad - irrelevant results, annoying layout, and breaks the current usability model. Sure glad my searches don't look like that =P.

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