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Jul 6, 2005 • 9:51 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Keyword Research

Last night I received a demo of a new product that Hitwise released this morning. The product is now available at http://www.keywordintelligence.com/.

Normally, I would not blog product promotions but this keyword research tool is (1) incredibly powerful and (2) very affordable. The press release is available and pdf with the features.

The three major components of the product at: (1) Search Term Suggestions - provides the most popular search term variations for any word (2) Industry Search Terms - provides the most popular search terms for over 160 industries (3) Search Term Portfolios - an easy to use tool to manage keyword lists

Basically, this is a lower end version of Hitwise's master products. It is an affordable, but rich data set of information which you can use for your clients. The data is superior to other keyword research tools because they can tell you two more important things than other products (might be more then two):

(1) The "Success Rate" which is basically the click through rate from the SERPs to the page. You can use this data to not only see which search terms are most popular, but which drive a larger number of clicks.

(2) "Industry Search Tool" provides a method for you to search for the most popular search terms within an industry. An excellent started for brainstorming.

The Portfolio is a great way to organize all this data and build personalized reports with "Volume" and "Success Rate" marks. Not only this, but you can compare different markets (US, UK, Australia, and so on). Very powerful and worth taking a look at.

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Natasha Robinson

07/06/2005 03:28 pm

Wow... I'm drooling. I've wondered why Hitwise didn't have this tool a while ago.(Though I wonder what "very affordable" means compared to HitWise's other prices). Last week on the Marketer Today blog, I wrote: "The Search Marketing Company or Keyword Tool Creator that makes a deal with an ISP for Log File Access across specific verticals, with a Competitive Intelligence company like HitWise or with a statistics program distributor like Stat Counter will know the true keyword that people are using." Thanks for posting this info. Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

Barry Schwartz

07/06/2005 03:29 pm

Yea, it is a great tool. Regarding "very affordable", I was talking in terms relative to hitwise's prices on its other products. :)


04/25/2006 07:40 pm

Check out AdGooroo.com as well. They have similar keyword expansion features, but include a host of other PPC and natural intelligence tools for basically the same price. The graphics are the best out there as well, and I've successfully used it in a number of new customer presentations.

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