Internet Marketing Guru Corey Rudl Dies at 34

Jun 3, 2005 • 1:50 pm | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Web Promotion

News comes by way that Two Killed In Crash At California Speedway. One individual killed in that crash was Internet Marketing Guru Corey Rudl. Corey Rudl is the owner of Internet Marketing Center and has written dozens of columns for Entrepreneur's eBusiness section. For more about this legend, please see this detailed Corey Rudl Interview.

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Steve Mac

06/04/2005 03:07 am

I always wanted to meet the main man, The Guru, The Original Internet Marketing God. Mr Rudl. He will be truly missed. COREY, May God bless you & See you on the other side!

Bill Hibbler

06/05/2005 07:55 am

I feel like the Elvis or John Lennon of Internet marketing has died. He was a true pioneer. Bill Hibbler

David Breth

06/05/2005 01:21 pm

Corey Rudl! When the news was sent to me by friend, Ebay power seller Chuck Mullaney ( like many of you I was jaw-wide open. We always have to be prepared for eternity (stay right with GOD) as no one is GUARANTEED the next moment and then... Corey Rudl along with a few others (Dan Kennedy, Dave Dee, etc.) have helped me pave a path to financial and perception success in my business. My prayers are with his family and friends. David

Barb Nelson

06/05/2005 04:35 pm

I met Corey Rudl several times at seminars and I can tell you he was truly a marketing genius, a great speaker and teacher, and he was always willing to share "secrets" others wouldn't tell you. He will be greatly missed by everyone here at My condolences to his new wife and family.

Nacho Hernandez

06/05/2005 07:18 pm

I met Corey last September 04. He was a very down-to-earth guy. Very nice person. He enjoyed the fast lane in everything he did, one of it was driving fast cars which unfortunately took his life. He will be remembered by many.


06/08/2005 01:08 pm

I'm not sure why this happened or why it happened to him. All I know is is seeing all the different website posts Corey you were a true legend. I never new Corey from internet marketing or any buiseness for that matter. I new him from the 4x4 trips, some nights out at the clubs, some great times in the Porsche and Mercedes (I don't think I have ever moved that fast on wheels before but always in control) a few nights in front of the big screen playing need for speed. I'm not a Internet Guru I'm actually a Firefighter just to show his diversity. Corey and I never talked buisness in fact it never came up only when we were trying to pull him away from his desk. He truly had a passion for what he did and if you ever told him something was imposibble he would not stop untill he proved that myth wrong. He could overcome anything sent his way. He was a genuis but truly a down to earth guy that i spent on more than one occasion sitting around and drinking beer. Everthing mostly i read on the webis people that know him from buisness so I thought I would post this from a perspective of a freind. Corey (Fifth Gear Wide Open Hair On Fire) I will see you on the other side you were truly great


06/09/2005 12:12 pm

Corey, may your soul rest in perfect peace! I was shocked to hear of your death... Your courses really changed my life and i never even met you...

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