I am Feeling Lucky: What's the Point?

May 23, 2005 • 9:03 am | comments (11) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Over at Cre8asite Forums there is a fun thread named I'm Feeling Lucky. The thread has a poll asking, "What do you guess is the proportion of Google searches done with the [I'm feeling lucky] button?" Which all the respondents reply to as below 5%. You and I know, that no one ever uses it. So why is it there?

I remember back to a SES Conference I attended, the question was posed to Google at the Inside The Searcher's Mind session at SES San Jose 2004.

Is the "I am Feeling Lucky" button used? Not really but they don't know what it does. They asked the user, should we take it away? The user said no way! Its fun and they keep it there for that reasons.

The Cre8asite thread quotes from a blog that basically says the same thing (Mayer from Google was quoted in my coverage at SES);

4. The infamous "I feel lucky" is nearly never used. However, in trials it was found that removing it would somehow reduce the Google experience. Users wanted it kept. It was a comfort button.

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Taldar Baddley

03/25/2006 07:24 pm

I love the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button! I use it all the time!

Dr Pocket

06/26/2007 08:09 pm

The "i Feeling Lucky" , button is never used, and i'ts no fun, practically USELESS..

Arnst Guibert

08/16/2007 01:29 am

Every i use "I am feeling lucky" i feel like i already find the answere of my surch.

none of your buissness!

01/31/2008 08:12 pm

Someone should use that as a website, since it is free!!!!!


09/25/2008 07:04 pm

no i never used it........


11/19/2008 09:36 pm

I think starts things out on a positive note the i am feeling lucky saying makes you feel good


11/19/2008 09:40 pm

the I am feeling lucky quote,does this come as I am going to get lucky? "NOT"

claudia p

12/13/2008 04:22 am

i really think that people should have some kind of friends by writting to them by the internet.


01/14/2009 06:24 am

the button 'i am feeling lucky ' redirects to the top search result.


01/23/2009 08:13 pm

you know what i used the "lucky" butten to find this site hahaha....but really i never use it.


05/21/2010 02:10 am

ok the im feeling lucky button sends u to the first page that would appear in the search... it also can change ur google search into different languages like type in pig latin and hit im feeling lucky or type in blue waffle and hit im feeling lucky

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