Was Google Down Again?

May 19, 2005 • 3:41 pm | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

On May 7th, Gary Price wrote Google Says DNS Issues Caused Outage. Today, Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal emailed me telling me that all of Google's properties were offline for him and he wanted me to verify. By the time i tried it, everything was loading fine except for Blogger, but then that worked a few minutes later. Loren Yahoo! 360ed it as well. I wouldn't have posted anything based on one person, since a squirrel could have been "chewing on [his] phone line."

But I was then browsing DigitalPoint forums and saw an old thread named Is Google Down? revived with a post around the same time of Loren's email.

Was Google Down Again?

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Loren Baker

05/19/2005 08:09 pm

Yes, now I believe it was down in some capacity and I am not crazy!

Michael Nguyen

05/19/2005 08:37 pm

I haven't noticed anything.


05/20/2005 05:09 am

I suspect that the outage (and I did have troubles connecting to Google) was probably tied to today's factory tour. I didn't get to watch all of it, but it was an interesting insight into how the googlers view Google's operations.

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