AdWords Adds Account Size Limitation

May 19, 2005 • 11:28 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

I haven't heard this talked about anywhere else, but a client of mine notified me that his AdWords representative told him he needs to reduce the number of keywords within his new campaigns "to ensure that they do not place unnecessary load on our advertising servers." To be honest, my first impression was, that the client heard his AdWords rep incorrectly. Why would Google need to worry about "unnecessary load", these are paid ads, and the more keywords, the more money they make. To be stingy about large AdWords campaigns seems a bit ironic.

So I posted a thread on this topic at Search Engine Watch AdWords Forum. And in good AdWordsRep spirit, AdWordsRep replied to the thread with a confirmation of my beliefs.

As the number of advertisers has grown, and as a trend towards using truly vast numbers of (mostly untargeted) keywords was noticed, we decided to take proactive action.

I wonder how most AdWords customers feel about this...

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05/19/2005 07:21 pm

Hi, should I be concerned about this if I am a well, small time ad word buyer, not as big as sites like <a href=""> some funny t-shirt</a> web sites?


05/19/2005 08:06 pm

Same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago but didnt think it was weird for some reason. It thought this happens all the time with big clients. Anyway I have an account of 300,000 keywords and loaded up another 300,000 keywords. When I tried to active the new account I wasnt able to because of the keyword limit. Mind you not all words get impressions but my initial idea was to upload the original 300,000, wait 2 months and delete the keywords that weren't doing anything........never got around to it ;P So common sense told me to delete all my nonperforming keywords from my old campaign and free up some space. I removed nearly 90% of my original 300k. So now I have 330k including both lists. Go to activate it and nothing...still over. So I delete 50% of my new keywords so now I have 180k total (well under the 300k of the original campaign) and guess what?? Still wouldn't activate. So I completely removed my new campaign so I had 30k left and once more WOULDNT ACTIVATE!!! So where is the logic here?? I think it's still buggy ;) All in all 4 days on the phone with Google resolved the issue.

Barry Schwartz

05/19/2005 08:20 pm

Thanks PK. Only 4 days? But you are right. Lots of people have wasted keywords...


10/03/2006 06:13 am

Hi, I think there is no minimum spending requirement--the amount you pay for AdWords is completely up to you. For example, you can set a daily budget of five dollars and choose to pay five cents each time your ad is clicked. no matter how many keywords you set up in the campaign.

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