Click Fraud Pyramid Scheme?

Apr 28, 2005 • 4:48 pm | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Pay Per Click Engines

Gary Price is now one of those people I talk to on a daily basis, one way or an other, and I am learning a lot. Today he showed me a site named which is a form of pyramid scheme to encourage click fraud. One basically gets paid per search you make that triggers a paid result. The program is called Netbux and it is explain here.

You will earn $0.02 for every search you make for up to 40 paid searches per day, therefore the maximum pay per day for your individual searching is $0.80.

The about us page then goes on to explain how the pyramid scheme part works.

You will also earn $0.02 for every search that your referrals make for up to 40 searches a day as well! Therefore the maximum pay per day for each referral is $0.80. The more referrals, the more money!

The graphic they use to depict the money you can make is even in a pyramid shape. How fun.


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Nacho Hernandez

04/28/2005 11:16 pm

$264 could pay the gas money for many of those smiley faces in that pyramid.


04/29/2005 12:42 am

This is nothing new. Those paid to read ads or emails have been doing this for a couple years now with a variety of ppc engines. Sign up for a few and you'll see 90% of the ads are all search ads using search feeds being pulled from pretty much all the ppc engines. Tons with adsense on the pages too. People build themselves huge downlines and are making quite a pile from their referrals being paid to search. The ppc engines appear to be fine with that since it's been going on so long.


04/29/2005 12:19 pm

Barry, Why did you put a referral number (?r=47525) in your link to ? Cid

Barry Schwartz

04/29/2005 12:41 pm

It is not a referral number, its a direct link to the about us page. Right click on about us and open in a new window. I think the site is framed otherwise.


04/29/2005 01:01 pm

This kinda stuff was very popular a few years ago in the third world countries where you have to work very hard for $100 a month, so this business was pretty $$$ and easy to do... I guess it is still popular.. what a pity.


05/01/2005 06:56 pm

What's interesting is that they only pay out in PayPal. So if the rug is ever yanked out beneath these folks, there's no protection for anyone. I think PayPal'd be interested to know about it anyways...I don't think they allow that sort of thing in their TOS.

Jax L

05/09/2005 04:16 pm

Hi, I did a google under 'Netbux fraud' and was brought to this site. I am a total idiot at such fraud schemes so allow me to ask the obvious - what is the catch? That the referral is not a true referral, that one is paid very little, that the search results are not Netbux's own efforts, all of the above... ? Please enlighten... Thanks heaps!

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