DigitalPoint's Co-Op Network Weight Formula Updated

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DigitalPoint's popular and free Coop Advertising Network has under gone a major change.

(1) Everyone's "weight" number has been substantially reduced. It does not mean that you are losing the number of ad impressions, but rather that the actual "weight" number displayed is lower. Impressions will change, but not at the scale of the "weight" number.

Everyone's weight is a LOT lower (weight is relative to everyone else, so it won't affect what counts... ad impressions). The total weight of the system was reduced by more than 6x, so the sky is not falling or any other doomsday scenarios.

(2) There used to be a weight cap, where large sites were unable to benefit from normal sites. For example, "with the cap removed, you are saying that above 4,500 pages (or whatever it was) there will be more weight given...just at a lower marginal rate."

Weight caps have been removed, so there is no upper limit on the amount of weight a single account can have from a single site. I've been tinkering with the formula for a few weeks, and I think it's pretty good right now. It's a logarithmic (not linear) scale, so enormous sites (there are some with 1M+ pages of content in the network) aren't going to take an absurd percentage of total impressions.

Just in case you were freaking out about your lowered weight, you do not need to anymore. Forum discussion at DigitalPoint under the title Weight Formula Changed.

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