Hire A Corrupt DMOZ Editor - Things Just Got Stranger For ODP

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I thought this deserved a quick mention for craziness and maybe some points for raising the issue that seems all to often sweep under the rug - possible abuse of power that takes place at DMOZ. I apologize in advance if the below website offends anyone, but for the most part I think if you create a website called "Corrupt DMOZ editor" and intended to let people know more about the inner workings you have some courage. There are really great people that work as volunteers at DMOZ, I have met some, but as the saying goes. A few bad apples can spoil the barrel.

The website, called Corrupt DMOZ Editor was created by a DMOZ editor who under multiple screen names (and growing) takes about the inner workings in details. She is taking the approach that before you can see the light, you have to deal with the darkness. Such as How to Bribe A Dmoz Editor. basically what you do is send the editor some funds via Paypal, before doing a submission, next submit your website to the category, and viola you have a listing. She also talks about abuse in regards to editors who routinely delay submissions or inclusions for certain areas, and sometimes even erase the submissions. It goes on to say that corrupt editors work in groups even mob units in order to benefit from the directory. You sometimes have to pay a boss above you a cut of what you take in. Whether the benefit is money, one way links, control, blocking competitors from submitting and others. Pretty darn digusting if you ask me, if true.

She goes on to talk about the prime reason she started the blog here. And how hot a commodity DMOZ links have become. If there is a microeconomy and people involved there is bound to be someone who will eventually abuse it. There is another post of of interest that talks about how to Sabotaging a Competitors DMOZ Listing for Fun & Profit. I personally wouldnt try any of those methods if I were you and I would stress caution on some of the things said on the website. It seems like submitting is huge waste of time, and while I have submitted to DMOZ for many years, I have decided last year to stop totally, realizing you can spend your time more wisely getting better links elsewhere.

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11/22/2006 09:37 pm

Rumor say's that the current problems on DMOZ is because their servers have been attacked by hackers. DMOZ is dead, long live to DMOZ

David Kiley

12/13/2009 01:31 pm

That blogger is not credible - just riding a wave of sensationalism. While i'm sure there are bad apples, I can tell you that I am a Dmoz editor, and my email account that I have attached is not associated with a paypal account, and I hardly ever check the email account, and if anyone was stupid enough to try to bribe me by sending a payment or anything to that account I would be happy to have them banned from dmoz for life. Trust me there are a lot of idealistic people at dmoz.


05/03/2010 04:00 pm

Her bribery article doesn't make sense - how can you send an unknown paypal payment to an unknown person with an unknown email account? I'm not a DMOZ editor but am pretty sure that blog was setup by a disgruntled website owner who got rejected from DMOZ. Needless to say, search engines are no longer influenced by a DMOZ listing; the DMOZ directory is an old/dead/dying bull.

Jason Stevens

05/07/2010 12:01 am

Sounds like a load of speculation to me. I've submitted sites to DMOZ, some were approved, some weren't. With close to 10,000 editors which do the editing for free, I can see how their might be some people out of personal gain.


05/28/2010 12:40 pm

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