Yahoo! 360 Degree Review

Apr 7, 2005 • 11:58 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Yahoo Topics

It has been a little over a week since I first got my Yahoo 360 Invite, since then I have made over a 120 friends, by giving away invites to 360, in fact there are over 60 invites I sent that have not been accepted, I assume a spam filter thing. So besides for the the community aspect of Yahoo 360, it has a ton more features.

Many have complained that is too overwhelming, too confusing and too large. But I like it, I love all the features and yes it is a huge waste of time, but I think I know have the hang of it. I spend no more then 20 minutes with it each day, including sending out about 25 invites a day :). But I really am understanding the whole 360 degrees "thing". In one place I am (1) connected to "my friends", (2) a blog to connect my other blogs, (3) my photos, (4) my music, (5) my books, (6) my interests, (7) my mail, (8) "blasts" are a broadcast type of thing to tell my "friends" about something, (9) my reviews of local (10) my lists and (11) my groups. All of those are part of the overall larger Yahoo! network, all connected by Yahoo! 360. A personal page at has it all in one place.

I like it now, but its still new. Will I get bored? I do not know. We will see if it turns into an other Orkut but this service has a lot more to offer, in my opinion.

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Jason Golod

04/07/2005 05:06 pm

I kinda like the whole concept too. For whatever reason, I would never have been open to "give" Yahoo! or anyone else access to as much information about me as I have done since singing up for 360. Now if I can just get the Moblogging thing figured out from my Nokia 6620.

darioush yaghmaie

06/12/2005 06:53 am

i want to know more and use of it if you had good expert of this too


11/02/2008 01:05 pm

I never used yahoo 360 degree but i am eager to use it..hope i will write a good comment after using it...

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