Google & Apple Fighting to be the Coolest Company

Mar 17, 2005 • 9:57 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Yesterday, Google released Google X, which copied the sporty, genie like affect of the OS X Dock (which all my clients love). Many people noticed that last night, Google X was taken offline. C|Net reports that Apple has sought patent protection for this genie affect.

So rumors are that Apple told Google to pull it. Why?

Well, Apple and Google are huge brands. They are synonymous with cool, they are perceived as cool companies. Those who are deeply involved with Google or Apple have issues with them, but the masses see both companies as "cool." So the two are fighting to be the coolest company. Childish or pure marketing suaveness?

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03/17/2005 05:18 pm

What a twist, should we expect anthoer googler out of job? These corps. are being so cocky sometimes that you feel like losing your respect to them...


03/17/2005 05:24 pm

Probably neither marketing suaveness or childishness. For Apple to be able to patent their Dock interface, they couldn't possibly allow Google to use it without complaining. Perhaps the best thing to do would be for Apple to ask Google to get some sort of license agreement (that costs Google little/nothing). I'm guessing that even if they did that, it wouldn't be worth Google's or Apple's time to pay the lawyers needed to write up something that would handle this. Probably just a side-effect of our wacky patent system.


03/18/2005 10:57 pm

C|NET should double check their articles before publishing. Google X has absolutely nothing to do w/ the Genie Effect. It is mimicking another ultra-annoying feature, Dock Magnification.

Barry Schwartz

03/20/2005 12:29 am

Yes I know, I use a Mac. When I right click on it, it says turn magnification on or off. The genie affect has to do with the minimizing of windows. But when I asked my employees what the dock's magnification was, they said the "genie affect." So I used those words. Thanks for the clarification anyway. You seem very upset with Apple. Do they ultra-annoy you?

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