Switched to Ask Jeeves' Bloglines - Love It

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I finally made the switch from My Yahoo to Bloglines as my primary RSS reader. I have always set my browser's homepage to My Yahoo, but when I switched to Firefox from Safari, by default, the homepage was the page that loaded. My Yahoo loaded slightly on the slow side and I wanted a page that loaded quickly. I tested Bloglines and it seemed to load fast, it also shows entries I did not read by session.

I find it very useful, just wish I can add a keyword search for news feeds like Yahoo! allows for Yahoo! News. Who knows, it might be part of bloglines.

And if your using bloglines, feel free to: Subscribe with Bloglines

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02/11/2005 04:31 pm

You can add a keyword search feed in Bloglines. Just do a search for the term(s) you want, then click on "Save this Search". It will appear in your list of subscriptions as "Search Feed for <whatever>" and will be updated whenever Bloglines finds new blog entries that match your query!

Barry Schwartz

02/11/2005 04:45 pm

Paul, does it search Google News and Yahoo! news, etc.?


02/11/2005 05:33 pm

No, a "saved search" in Bloglines only searches blogs that Bloglines is fetching. Maybe with the Ask Jeeves acquisition, they can work out a way to integrate with Ask's regular search engine to provide that kind of thing...

Barry Schwartz

02/11/2005 06:13 pm

Yup, sounds good. Thanks Paul. Hope AJ listens to your suggestion.

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