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Jan 21, 2005 • 9:05 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Optimization Tools

Someone create a search tool that uses Google's engine for results but the catch is, it pairs up those who search on similar topics and lets you initiate a Web chat with them. I guess the concept behind this is that those who are searching on the same topic, might want to discuss those concepts interactively.

This tool is named Chat'N Search.

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01/21/2005 03:44 pm

It's a novel concept, and its always nice to see new ideas being tried, but it seems like the site would have to generate enormous amounts of traffic in order to have two people searching for the same thing at the same moment in time, so that they can chat with each other. A normal, decent traffic site probably wouldn't have this happen very often.


01/22/2005 09:56 pm

Thanks for the encoraging comments. We are counting on forums like these and bloggers to get the ball rolling. Meanwhile, We are working on a scalable architecture to handle high volume traffic.


02/12/2005 09:42 am

New firefox extension added to . This extension allows you to chat with people surfing similar content on the web.

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