SMA-NA Discusses Membership Fees


SMA-UK, EU, NA are all about democracy, they want all to have a say in what decisions are made with the organization. On that note; leading the force behind SMA-NA, Ian McAnerin, posts the suggested membership fees. He asks for your opinion on this fee structure.

Corporate: $1000 Member: $250 Student: $50 Guest: $0 - Paid member of another SMA

Other SMA's have the following structure: SMA-UK Levels:

Individual (250) Corporate (1000) Associate (on application) - Ian's note: basically sponsors Junior (125) - Ian's note: Students

With a 10% discount to members of SEMPO

SMA-EU Levels:

Corporate member (one vote promotional benefits) 1500 Euros Member (one vote) 375 Euros Junior Member (no vote) 75 Euros Guest (no vote member of other SMA) 0

In addition, the SMA-NA Web site is currently in development at

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