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For those that are worried about duplicate content issues and getting penalized for them this information might serve useful to you. There is a thread on SEW forums detailing a situation where one of the members had several pages 302 redirected to pages on his site. This caused problems for Google. Fathom, a member on SEW forums posts information about duplicate penalty timeframes for offenses based on first, second and third time offenses. He mentions that:

A dup penalty timespan is based on your offense.

1st Offense: 30 days

2nd Offense: 60 days

3rd Offense: 90 days

So 'if' [for example] you had a 1st Offense and change something and Google detected that and then later found other dup content - you would go to a 2nd Offense timespan.

I emailed fathom to get some verification on where he obtained this information. He posted back in the forums that Matt Cutts of Google at a recent WMW PubCon mentioned it.

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01/13/2005 04:46 am

The penalty time period is fine for those that deserve the penalty - but it is sad for those that receive the penalty because another website copied their content and the original site gets caught in the filter.

David McInnis

03/16/2005 05:26 pm

I echo DazzlinDonna's concern. We have a lot of people that scrape content from our site and repurpose it on their own sites. We battle this on a daily basis attempting to head off such penalty. Problem is that some sites don't care and refuse our request to remove the content creating a possible duplicate content problem. We went to google with one offender and were told there is nothing that we could do because of the nature of our content. blah.


06/08/2005 10:08 am

There are simply will be too much duplicate content. There are some people soem trick to get around this, for example switch to similiar words by using script, etc....

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