What Did You Do Before SEO/SEM?

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Well I was locked in a research lab for 10 years doing usability testing with monkeys. The monkey's were paid, and I wasn't. Apparently bananas are cheaper. The company just couldn't figure out how to qualify the expense of proper user testing. Then I found SEO, and my life has changed ever since. :-)

A really fun thread on SEO Chat asks members what they did before they started to even consider SEO for their websites. Or even those that decided to do it full time. Quite a few responses, and worth a quick peek.

So what did SEO's do before doing SEO? Some of the highlights:

Ballroom Dance Instructor PhD Scientist Four Season Funhog (?) Eagle Scout Entrepreneur PC Repair Person Advisor to International Telephone Monopolies Student Farming Web Designer/Programmer Oceanographer Jewel Thief Devoted Husband and Father Born Again Christian Janitor Worm Farmer Tasteful Adult Art Films Star Professional Poker player Emerald Buyer/Seller

Barry said he did Web Based Application Development, and I was involved in Real Estate and Designing Websites.

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