Can the Average Site Compete with the Directories?

Jan 12, 2005 • 12:55 pm | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine & SEO Theory

Its a question that was brought up at HighRankings Forum, "If most of the sites competing to be in the top 20 google listings for my keyword are directories, do I need bigger guns than if they were not directories?" The thread gets into PageRank, link building and normal optimization. But let's really think about it.

A directory is a "hub". Hubs are important, and search engines know that - and rank them well. Authorities are possibly more important then hubs and tend to rank above hubs, on many occasions. For this individual to rank above a hub (directory) for a search term that is very hub centric, he would have to become an authority. Becoming an authority can happen a dozen of ways, right now links are fairly important.

I question the search term this individual is trying to rank well for. If the first 20 results are all directories, maybe he is trying to rank well for the wrong keyword phrase. Just a hunch, without knowing the specific keyword or site in question.

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Barry Schwartz

01/12/2005 06:40 pm

I understand now. Thanks for the clarification. Then "Ya, gotta do what ya gotta do!" and build up some good, relevant, and keyword rich links. Don't be afraid to link out, as well. It is achievable. Become the authority.

Neil Simmons

07/20/2011 01:56 pm

Most directories have dissolved now, they didn't amount to much.

Rob Smeed

07/28/2011 02:47 pm

One site that a lot of people have trouble competing against is Wikipedia, that comes up at the top on so many search terms.

Sue Clark

08/19/2011 12:22 pm

Another question would be 'Can the average site compete with Government websites?'


09/02/2011 08:56 am

Having decent links to your site is still very important.


09/02/2011 08:57 am

Do you think there is any benefit of having sub domains?

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