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I have a business blog that we rarely update but is there for my employees to post at. I want them to post daily but I offer no incentive to do so. Anyway the blog is at http://technology.rustybrick.com/ and its about the daily life at my company.

Anyway, I posted an entry on how my office's Sunbeam Water Cooler Sprung a Leak. Since then I have been getting many visitors to the site who type in Sunbeam Water Cooler into Google. They find the blog and added comments.

Today, I see that a representative from the Sunbeam Water Cooler Customer Support Team left a comment stating:

Dear All~

We have recently discovered this wonderful website. We believe that consumer feedback is an incredible tool in helping our consumers find answers to their problems.

May we suggest a better method, that of using OUR email contact information to contact us with your problems/challenges should you have trouble getting through on the telephone lines. We may have better suggestions for resolutions.

In regards to our water dispensers, we have since added extra email addresses in order for our consumers to contact us with ease.

Please note that to order parts, please use email address: parts@elitegroupinc.ca. For any technical questions, simply use support@elitegroupinc.ca as we will not be checking this site on a regular basis.

Looking forward to resolving challenges, Sincerely yours,

Customer Support Team

How funny. See all the comments here.

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George Glancy

01/05/2005 04:25 am

Two weeks ago I waited over 20 minutes on the phone and hung up. I've had the same problem twice. Today I waited 41 minutes on the phone to get through, that's a total of an hour and I'm upset, and to top it off I got upset again at the answer I recieved. Two of your Sunbeam screw in fluorescents 14 W burned out, one after the other, after what I consider a short time, because a different brand was in use before I ever purchased the Sunbeams and is still burning.Oh! your rep. said if I send the bulb back they would refund or replace. I threw the first one away. He also wanted to know if I had the box it came in.I just wanted you to know why a small group will not buy anything Sunbeam. The internet gets information around rather quickly doesn't it? For you sake I hope you can do better in the future

George Glancy

01/05/2005 04:32 am

I just wrote you and your damn thing would not accept it,so I'll try again. Two 14 w fluorescent bulbs went bad way too soon.One after the other. A different brand was burning before I bought the Sunbeams and is still burning. Tow times I have called you 20 minutes wait the first time 40 minutes the second time. Just wanted you to know why a small group will not be buying Sunbeam anything. That group can grow because the internet is great isn't it. For your sake I hope you do better in the future.

Bob G

02/01/2007 04:25 pm

I wish I had found this blog before I purchased a Sunbeam water cooler. I bought a model # YLR2-5-67H3 in November of 2006 when we moved into our new home. The water that comes out of it tastes like musty plastic. I have run fresh water through it repeatedly and tried a bleach solution and it doesn't work. When I called the toll free number today I spent over 20 minutes on hold. I was then given a "recipe" of vinegar and water to clean it out. Never again will I buy Sunbeam.

Mark C.

06/09/2008 04:56 am

Another victim of the water cooler swindle right here. I bought the same model as mentioned above about a year ago. Just before the one year warranty was up, it stopped refrigerating the water. The store I bought it from directed me the telephone number from hell you all speak of and they gave me the same vinegar and water solution. Yeah. It's still broken.

Vicki B

11/07/2008 12:19 am

We purchased the YLR2-5-67H3 model water cooler in October 2006 when we moved into our newly built house, and yesterday (after the warranty has expired, convienently enough), the damn thing sprung a leak from the top of the dispenser and leaked a full 18 litres all over our kitchen floor. The water got under the kitchen cabinets, under the vinyl flooring, ran across the kitchen floor to the living room and got under the hard wood flooring in that room too...Big insurance job...THANKS A LOT SUNBEAM!!!! And I don't remember where I purchased it from, nor do I have the original purchase receipt. So I guess I am out of luck. I refuse to sit on hold for 20 minutes or longer waiting for sunbeam to tell me sorry...


11/07/2010 11:56 pm

I'm very happy I purchased my Sunbeam watercooler


05/24/2011 08:56 pm

I bought a ylr2-5-67h3 hot and cold water unit,  two years ago in 2009 from Home Deopot, last month it started smelling like it was on fire and smoke was coming out of the back of it. I called the 877 number and got through right away, but after the gal asked me all of the questions, ie, where and when did you buy it, she went on to tell me it was 1 yr out of warranty so there was nothing they could do because this is something she never heard of before!  It is just a good thing I was home at the time, glad my house did not burn down. I will never buy ANY Sunbeam or affiliates merchandise EVER again.  

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