New Sites = Poor Results in Google

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There has been some discussion in some of the private forums around the Internet and some of the public forums on the topic of the performance on newly launched Web sites and rankings in Google.

What seems to be happening is that new sites begin to rank well the first week or two for the keyword phrases those pages are targeting and then a month or two in, the rankings drop off. There is a lot of speculation that Google is penalizing new sites.

I have seen examples of this exact pattern occurring on new sites. If it is a penalty or some "hold" on new sites rankings, is still to be determined.

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08/22/2005 06:29 am

I heard it was 6-8 months, but that doesn't matter too much. It really hurts legit sites though.


09/03/2006 10:55 am

I have a new website, and I can not wast 6 months in the sandbox. It's a crazy invent.

precharge projectnet

09/26/2006 04:20 am

Basically, being penalized is a good thing this will just ruin the search engine, being rank for a short time will just make your site being drowned, instead of being the top, try to create something useful for visitor, in this way we can have a fair play on engines.


10/30/2006 07:21 pm

I can just imagine the Google explosion. A handful of coders evolving into an armada over night. Look how long it took Microsoft to climb it's way out of it's mashy DOS/Win98 problems. Apple started over from scratch!!! Imagine how many years it's going to take the guys at Google to untangle that mess. I can just imagine how many more "effects" are coming down the road...


01/31/2007 08:01 pm

I think the sandbox is a real phenomenon. Let me cite my reasons, among others: - I get crawled by the Googlebot regularly, every other day, at least, but rarely actually indexed, less than once a week at the moment (checking for new content?) - Google Webmaster tools consistently tells me there are no crawl data/statistics for my site, again, despite the regular crawls. And in a way I am glad - my site, <a href=" rel="nofollow">It's Gotta Be Red!</a>, is only a month or so old, and quite frankly is a bit crappy, still a work in progress really. I want my site to build gradually, it is still more of a hobby and an experiment, I don't really want too much traffic in a way, it's embarassing! :) By the time it goes live properly, hopefully I will begun to scramble out of the sandbox.


10/19/2007 02:23 pm

All new sites are down in google results because of spammers. Google treat all new sites like are spammers sites and when google think is a trust site it will appear in results.

No Name

11/03/2008 03:31 am

How can we do to reduce the length of this period?

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