ISPs Block GMail Emails

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If you haven't seen it yet, WebmasterWorld has a thread named My email automatically rejected, which discusses how some ISPs are blocking emails from gmail addresses.

The emails are being blocked because of all the privacy issues surrounding the GMail service.

One of my favorite quotes in this thread is:

And please don't make the "it's the same as running a spam filter" argument. Filtering spam doesn't put an ad for a competitor on content I created.

However, I am of the type that only uses Webmail for junk mail. My real email is owned, powered and hosted by myself. I have junk accounts with Yahoo, hotmail and others - Yahoo being my primary. So in my mind, its no big deal at all to have these emails read by Google's Ad servers. However, there are thousands of people who use free, Web based email services for their real email accounts. I can see the problems with that.

ISPs have the power to block Gmail, so some are. Join the discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/21/2006 07:34 am

Kindly let me know how to block Gmail chat.... does it have any signature or what i the way to block it???

Abhishek Tiwari

09/26/2006 10:53 am

Hey Sarika, Your Just have to Block in your Pc or from network, gmail chat is disable after that . i am a network security administrator & i know how to block chat.

John NElson

05/01/2007 02:19 pm

I will also be rejecting/auto-responding emails sent through Gmail until Google feel able to give an appropriate response to privacy concerns. ------------------------------------------------ As i was reading the thread i notied that comment. GMAIL IS SAFE. THere is no reason to fret going there. I have used gmail since the begining, and some of the things that i am hearing are not true. Gmail post ad in a bar that can be hidden with the press of a button. but because no one wants the look into they want to comment. For ISP's to block the domain is illegal. Everyone that i knpw use gmail. it is fast and reliable. i have other email accounts with hotmail and yahoo, but no one but gamil can provide that speed that i need. It took me two days to get a mail from gmail to hotmail servers. And they wonder why people are going to gmail. Gmail currently has over 4,000,000 users. Gmail in not posting anything abotu them and they do NOT have any kind of spam that presents an ad for them. AOL YAHOO HOTMAIL CAN KICK ROCKS! There is no reason to use them they are slow. Im no worker of gmail i just happen to love stuff that works. If it dont work then to he|| with it.


10/26/2007 02:40 pm

how to blocked the any website in without firewall and host files


11/17/2007 09:24 pm

How can i block a gmail user from sending me mails on my hotmail account? Please explain.


11/22/2007 02:39 pm

How To Blocked The Gmail And Gchat


07/23/2008 12:40 pm

Please suggest me how to block a sites and


07/31/2008 01:38 am

how do i know if my mail i sent being blocked?


06/18/2009 07:08 am

i want to end up with the email id

Rakesh Kr singh

06/14/2010 06:43 am

Please suggest me how to block a sites and becoze i forget my password, anyone changed my passward in my pls do the needfull.........

Rakesh Kr singh

06/14/2010 06:44 am

Please suggest me how to block a sites and becoze i forget my password, anyone changed my passward in my pls do the needfull.........

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