Adding AdSense to Emails

Mar 25, 2004 • 12:06 pm | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

I was chatting with one of the blog authors here, not sure if I should mention which one, about how to add AdSense ads to emails. I am not sure if it is in accordance with the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions. So please read that and obtain approval from Google before trying this out. This is just for educational purposes.

In theory, you can do some form of AdSense cloaking, whereby you serve content from an HTML page and dynamically include the ads generated based on the content of that HTML page within the emails.

So if you have HTML emails on computer manufacturing, you might want to create static pages with the exact copy of the email. Then serve up those Google AdSense ads as if they were from the Web but in the email.

Very simple to do, but again, not sure if its in accordance with the AdSense terms. I personally won't be giving this one a shot. If you want to chat with others on the legalities of serving AdSense ads in your email, please visit DigitalPoints Forum - AdSense In Email.

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DJ India

07/25/2008 03:30 am

I also want to know, Can I add Adsense to my e-mails?


01/22/2009 11:40 pm

Google does not allow publishers to put adsense code into emails.


07/26/2009 04:48 am

I have seen it in some of the emails of some reputed firms... But dont know how they do it...


10/31/2009 01:56 pm

As far as I know we cant do that, but Ive seen a lot of people doing it, is there any exception?


02/02/2010 11:33 pm

Yes there is an exception, Google relaxes this thing for Google Adsense Premium Pulishers, as Rishikesh pointed, only reputed firms, the one those who are already earning a lot get to earn more, and not us.


10/04/2010 11:55 am

please i need information on how to add mail on aadsense

Shell Harris

02/23/2013 08:18 pm

From the mouth of Google: Publishers using Google Affiliate Network may display GAN ads in emails to users that have selected to receive email, as long as each advertiser has provided approval to be included in email. Please note that this is an exception to our standard program policies, which prohibit the placement of ads in emails.

larry coons

10/08/2013 08:32 pm

I thought about doing this too. Then, after reading this, I thought: why would I advertise anything but my own brand in my own email? You end up with about the same effect. Check this out: 1) you send an email, the user clicks on it and go to someone else's website and are lost forever but you get paid once OR 2) you include a link to you google page that the user clicks on and that traffic stays in your circle maybe once, maybe a million times. Which seems easier? that or just making a few cents per click?

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