Apple Thinks One Search Result Per Page Is Good

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App Store IconWhile Bing is showing over ten search results on a page and Google users are complaining that Google is sometimes showing only seven results on a page, Apple decides to go with one search result per page.

As a developer of iPhone apps, I find this pretty upsetting. There are apps we sell that simply won't be seen anymore because of this change. In the past, Apple showed a listing of apps, now they show one app per search page. Here are screen shots:

App Search One Result App Search One Result

Now, the iPad App Search results are better, not great, but better:

iOS 6 App Search

These new search results came with the iOS 6 upgrade. I am honestly not sure who at Apple felt this was a good idea?

How does this help developers?

How does this help app searchers?

What am I missing? It just might look cool?

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09/21/2012 01:32 pm

"What am I missing?" future paid position ?

poetic justiiice

09/22/2012 04:57 am

"As a developer of iPhone apps, I find this pretty upsetting." Poetic justice sucker. Google has been ruining our business since Mayday and you were /are a their foot soldier, covering up for them. Apple at least didn't claim to have "unbiased results" and certainly doesn't own a 70% share. Hey Barry, how did Google manage to increase their paid clicks by 100% by "improving the quality of results" since Panda? Have YOU ever asked in these pages? Panda gave them a 30+% increase and then a 42% with Penguin or about 100% total (compounded)

Mohammed ALAMI

09/22/2012 05:12 pm

How much should pay a client for his SEO fees then ?!

Mohammed ALAMI

09/22/2012 05:13 pm

This is not an upset ! Google shopping, Google maps, Google news ... and so on all to come to paid listings ..

Precious Ngwu

09/24/2012 01:25 pm

I'm still on the fence to get the iPhone 5, maybe when I get more views on the new apps display feature, I don't see how that improves user experience.

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