Search Market Share Reports Jive With Your Analytics? Probably Not

Jun 17, 2011 • 8:40 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

Search Market SharecomScore, Hitwise and other reporting agencies share market share of various online properties including Google's market share versus Bing or Yahoo and other search engines.

The interesting thing is that often, as a webmaster, you look at your site's analytics and the market share reports do not match up with reality.

For example, comScore reported that Google has 65% market share, then Yahoo has 16% and Bing has 14% or so.

But I dare you to go to your Analytics software, look at your traffic sources by organic or paid search referrals and see if Google doesn't have 80% plus in terms of your traffic - assuming you are not penalized by Google.

For me, Google is 90% of this site's traffic, Bing and Yahoo together add up to only under 5% of the traffic. On some of my other sites, Google is over 95% of the source traffic! In almost all cases Google is over 80%, in the 50 or so web sites I track - there are some outliers.

How about you - share your stats in the comments below.

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Andrew Shotland

06/17/2011 03:59 pm

Google always has had 80%+ share in my clients' analytics which cover millions of monthly queries and it just seems to get higher every month.  I think GOOG visitors tend to click on more SERP results than YHOO or BING users so while the Comscore shares may be in the ballpark re uniques, they may not be accurate re visits.

Michael Martinez

06/17/2011 04:27 pm

Google drives less than half the traffic for any of my sites.

Matthew Hurst

06/17/2011 10:20 pm

You've got to keep in mind search share measures unique searchers, not necessarily search traffic #knowyourmetrics  In my case, Google drives the most traffic to my site, but still accounts for less than 50% more refferal traffic.  Gotta keep your online marketing strategy diverse, you know?

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