Google AdWords Adds More Location Targeting Controls

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Google AdWords LocationGoogle announced a new AdWords feature that many advertisers should be very happy about. The ability to control if your ads show or not show based on the searcher's location or the searcher's location intent, or both.

How does it work?

Under your campaign settings, under the standard location options, click on the "advanced location options." Then you will have a "Targeting method" and "Exclusion method." You can then define there how you want to target by location.

Target options include:

  • Target using either physical location or search intent: Google will show your ads to users located in your targeted area and to users who include terms specific to your targeted area within their search. Learn more
  • Target using physical location: Google will show your ads only to users physically located in your target area. When choosing this option, avoid using location terms outside your target area in your keywords, as they might conflict with your campaign target settings and prevent your ads from appearing. Learn more
  • Target using search intent: Google will show your ads only to users who include a location-specific term in their query that corresponds with your targeted location. We ignore the user’s physical location. Learn more

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Exclusion options include:

  • Exclude by physical location only: Google won't show your ads to users physically located in locations you have excluded in your location settings. Users outside these areas can still see your ads. Learn more
  • Exclude by physical location and search intent: Google won't show your ads to users who are physically located in your excluded location or to those who use your excluded location in their search query. Learn more

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03/24/2011 02:00 pm

Damn. Another technique of mine ruined by building it in to the system! At least I won't have to do alternate campaigns to target "intent" any more.

Steve Hill

03/24/2011 02:37 pm

I'm kind of wondering how this is any different from using a combination of geo-qualified keywords and choosing which geographic areas your ads show in. More importantly, if you take that strategy (it sounds like Tiggerito does), what is gained from using these advanced options?


03/24/2011 04:02 pm

I do it to get that extra bit of traffic from people that show as outside a target region but are searching into it. Another interesting thing is if you need to provide different adverts for each. Is it more important to include the location in an advert if someone is local, or if they used the location in their search terms?


03/24/2011 08:17 pm

This would be easier IF I trust it... Time will tell if Google is using this properly or if setting up campaigns up to do this retro style is still the best way. From a reporting standpoint I still think doing this manually might be easier.


03/25/2011 08:41 pm

In addition to standard location targeting settings, you can refine your location targeting options by choosing to target users by their physical location, by location-specific terms in their search queries, or both. orlando villas

Deepti Makati

03/26/2011 06:20 am

it's great..! thanks for, onward good adword make sense for local ad.. cheer.!

ירון יוגב

03/29/2011 10:43 pm

hi if you dont mind i will tahe post and translate to hebrew thanks

ירון יוגב

03/29/2011 10:43 pm

hi if you dont mind i will tahe post and translate to hebrew thanks

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