Google Adwords Call Extensions Opens Up At $1 Per Call

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The Google AdWords Blog announced they have released the call metrics, aka phone extensions to all US and Canada advertisers. It has been in beta since 2010 and has resulted in over 5 million calls, averaging six minutes long.

Each time someone calls a phone number it would cost the advertiser $1 US. These are for calls triggered by a searcher seeing your ad on a desktop, notebook or tablet computer. If they call from their mobile searches, the cost is a CPC price.

AdWords Phone Extensions

Will it remain one dollar? No. Google said, "in a future release, we plan to incorporate calls into Ad Rank calculations, which determine an ad's position and cost per click. At that time, you'll be able to influence your ad position by specifying a bid per call greater than $1.00 USD. This will parallel the way that clickthrough rate (CTR) and max CPC bids can influence Ad Rank today."

Here are the core changes announced the other day:

(1) More detailed reporting

(2) New pricing, i.e. $1 per call

(3) Call Extensions replace Phone Extensions

Here is a screen shot of the Call Extensions under the ad screen.

click for full size

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/21/2011 01:45 pm

"This will parallel the way that clickthrough rate (CTR) and max CPC bids can influence Ad Rank today." So your call will be counted as a click and that's how you will get a CTR - call through rate :)


07/21/2011 03:58 pm

Awesome story, this would be really interesting to try out, especially for only a dollar  a call. Random side note: Is your social media share box custom or a plug in? I love it and want to use it on my blog if it is a plug in. Thanks!

Nikhil Raj. R

07/21/2011 06:39 pm

It appears same as Pay Per Call.  Google has improved its Hotel Search and added check in and check out a feature that allows a person to book hotels straight from the SERP Visit

Google Adwords

08/09/2011 11:03 am

Hi,  Thanks guys for sharing information about that Google Adwords Call Extensions Opens Up At $1 Per Call. Nice work guys.......................

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