Poll: Google AdSense Earnings Up Or Down?

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Google AdSense Ads PricingI'll be offline in the upcoming weeks due to religious holidays, so I am taking some polls and I will post the results while I am offline.

I wanted to know, historically, looking back at the years, are you earning more from Google AdSense this year versus the past years or less or the same?

Of course, many publishers were hit hard by Penguin and Panda but that should be factored in.

In short, are you earning more or less or the same this year as previous years?

Take my poll below and have your friends take the poll:

A WebmasterWorld thread has a very interesting post by martinibuster on why you might be earning less. I'll bullet point them here but go ahead and read the details at the forum:

1. AdSense doesn't siphon off ad dollars from the AdWords program

2. AdSense is good for Google because it's bad for affiliate programs

3. AdSense is good for Google because it is bad for competing search engines

4. Data, data, data... and more data (about Google collecting data)

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Jon Loomer

09/12/2012 02:24 pm

My earnings are up during the past few months, but it's also relevant to increased traffic.


09/12/2012 06:44 pm

my earning going down, more traffic - but less and less clicks. reason is easy - adsense everywhere and google show not correct ads lot of time.


09/13/2012 05:51 am

My earnings have recently dropped due to less clicks, but I also noticed the clicks that I do get have been devalued greatly as well. That could be another issue though. Gotta love Google!

Rob Abdul

09/13/2012 11:16 am

Earnings down :(

Maximus Saint

09/13/2012 11:18 am

Same here visits up, clicks down. I wonder how long would it take for someone to take AdSense's place... I'm already working with CPX and MediaHub as advertisers.


09/13/2012 04:03 pm

Shana Tova :-) visits up, clicks down but there's no other ad network to replace.


10/24/2012 03:56 pm

Fall 2012 earning are up considerably. I wonder if the political campaign ads are bidding up the AdWords.

Rich Aka DisplacedGuy

11/14/2012 02:58 am

I don't have tons of history, but my adsense earnings have been going up about twenty percent monthly, that is the good, but I only make about $56 last month, a record but low. how many sites do you run to hit over a hundred a month? My primary blog is technical, so has lo click through rated, it is http://www.displacedguy.com , thank you for the information.

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