Low Earnings For AdSense Publishers In 2011

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A WebmasterWorld thread has a typical thread we see in the AdSense forums, complaints about low earnings.

This thread has dozens of Google AdSense publishers complaining about poor statistics in their AdSense accounts.

One publisher said:

I am seeing unprecedented lows today. In five years as a publisher, I have never seen performance as low as this before.

Of course not everyone is complaining. Some publishers are happy, like this one:

Jan 1 and Jan 2 were very good, an improvement over a dismal December, so I was expecting the trend to continue. Instead, of course, today is the worst day in months. I think it should bounce back soon.

How are your earnings?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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SEO Lebanon

01/05/2011 02:03 pm

My adsense was growing on December and the trend is continuing till this day... but i see some weird occurence between number of clicks and earnings, but overall am growing pretty good

Justin C

01/05/2011 04:43 pm

December rates were awesome. January sizably lower, but that's to be expected since most large advertisers probably haven't submitted their new campaigns. We'll see how things look in a few weeks.


01/05/2011 05:15 pm

Justin is correct. Campaigns frequently end at the end of the month, but do not start right away at the beginning of the next month. You get double witching when a quarter ends, and triple witching when the year ends. This is normal in advertising of all types, and has been happening with Internet advertising for longer than Adsense has existed.


01/06/2011 09:27 am

This could be a reason why so many where disabled in 2010. Especially in YouTube. Where no one has control over AdSense.


01/09/2011 02:14 am

my minimum revenue per click used to be around 30 cents, and that was rare. I usually would get 75 cents to $1.00. the last 2 weeks...i am getting 3 to 4 cents per click. that's not worth having that clutter on my site for that. i will give it until the end of january to turn around and then i am GONE!

Brian P

01/11/2011 09:18 pm

Yea adsense bouncing around first couple of days. Holiday seasons are usually high so this might be normal. The trend sucks lol... Everyone loves a steadypay lol!

Shuja ullah

01/14/2011 01:17 pm

what is adsense bouncing


01/20/2011 07:42 am

Everything is crashing down here. It's supposed to be the best time of the year normally.


01/21/2011 10:40 pm

I was doing okay at the beginning of January. I was basically making $1 to $2 with only 4 to 9 clicks. But now this week things changed. My earning dropped to 36 cents. But the views remain above 4000. Today has been the most horrible. 18 cents from 4 clicks??? I am ashamed to even look at my report.


01/29/2011 11:59 pm

December was great on average earned 75 cents-$1 click even received several $2+ clicks. January it went all down the toilet. Receiving .05 cents a click. Just looked at my report and 3 clicks .01 how is that even possible? Will give it till the end of February if things down't start improving i will be dumping adsense as well

Brian P

02/15/2011 10:14 pm

I would love to know how people have been doing lately? I am still doing horrible!!!!

Brian P

03/31/2011 01:34 pm

Google adsense earnings are back to normal now... wow what a crappy way to start the year lol!


05/16/2011 05:12 am

Mine adsense earning are too low now


07/14/2011 12:33 pm

Mine Google Earning per click is too low please google do something knickplace.blogspot.com

El Taino

08/21/2011 04:26 pm

I'm mixing my ads with affiliates. The 728x90 is usually my money maker but not as it used to be. I've been looking for ways around this with no success. Yes the extra money is good but at this point I feel like a pan handler of Google. Why should I keep giving Google prime real estate when I'm getting nothing in return? From a steady $700 to $900 a month, I don't even think I'll make it to the minimum $100 this month. My affiliates are doing better with more ad exposure and although I don't see myself doing with affiliates what I used to make with adsense, I'm considering dumping Google after almost 7 years with them. I'm getting the traffic but Google has the habit of making us the publishers look like is our end and not theirs. We can't keep the mentality that a few miserable bucks is better than nothing. Google need us more than we need them. Time to wake up.


09/02/2011 10:53 am

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