Google AdSense Reports For Ad Network Performance

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Google AdSense IconGoogle added a new report that breaks down your earnings on Google's certified ad network through DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

In March 2010, Google launched the Google certified ad network and it concerned many publishers. In fact, many publishers blocked it leading Google to warn them not to block the ad network.

In the end, publishers just wanted more transparency and almost 20 months later, we have it.

Even more so, Google said they are "confident" that their "AdWords inventory can provide the highest paying ad." But advertisers are confident in Google, not the 3rd party payouts. The question Google is proving, is Google showing 3rd party ads when it is best for the advertiser.

That being said, you can look for yourself by going to the Performance reports tab and clicking on the ‘Ad networks’ in the side navigation.

Here is a screen shot of the report:

click for full size

What have you learned from these reports?

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Binoy xavier

11/01/2011 12:39 pm

Good to know that you earn more than $9000 :D

Muslim Girls Names

07/09/2012 12:50 am

Thats amazing man, I got about 100 clicks each day, and the CC is just 0,05$ thats is damn low. What can I do?


02/10/2014 11:28 am

How is this not against Art 9 of the AdSense TOS where they state: "You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Information without our prior written consent. "Google Confidential Information" includes: (a) all Google software, technology and documentation relating to the Services; (b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Property performance as pertaining to the Services; (c) the existence of, and information about, beta features in a Service; and (d) any other information made available by Google that is marked confidential or would normally be considered confidential under the circumstances in which it is presented. Google Confidential Information does not include information that you already knew prior to your use of the Services, that becomes public through no fault of yours, that was independently developed by you, or that was lawfully given to you by a third party. Notwithstanding this Section 9, you may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments resulting from your use of the Services."

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