adCenter Console Missing Advertisers Campaigns & Ads

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adCenter logoGo login to your Microsoft adCenter account and try to see if you can manage your search ad campaigns, the search ads that are displayed on Bing, Yahoo Search and their partners. Can you? Do you see anything? If not, you are not alone.

Starting this morning, adCenter advertisers have been complaining about the issue in the Microsoft Advertising Forum.

The first report came at 12 minutes after midnight. The advertiser said:

Once logged in, All the adgroups and campaigns are disappeared as if it's a new account. All the recent reports are not there as well. However, once I checked the ad preview tool, they're all still running.

So the ads are still running but you cannot manage them, change them, pause them or delete them? I guess not.

Several other advertisers came in this morning to say they are having the same issue.

As of now, Microsoft has yet to reply to advertiser concerns, but I suspect the issue will be resolved as soon as they find out about it.

Forum discussion at Microsoft Advertising Forum.

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Brian R Johnson

03/24/2011 03:01 pm

This started yesterday afternoon, far earlier than midnight. Traffic loss started a few days ago. Possibility Of Failed Upgrade For... Beginning this spring, advertisers will be able to leverage a new adCenter Quality Score for optimizing campaigns in the Bing+Yahoo search marketplace. * Quality Score will be on a 1-10 scale, and be calculated at the keyword level for each match-type being purchased * Scores are designed to represent how competitive your keyword is within the marketplace, with three sub-scores for keyword relevance, landing page relevance, and landing page user experience * Actionable guidance will be provided to optimize and improve your quality score * At launch, scores will be visible and exportable from the adCenter Web UI, and accessible through adCenter Reporting and Reporting APIs

Jon Crim

03/24/2011 07:34 pm

I can't even login to AdCenter today, anyone having the same issue?

Frank Adams

03/25/2011 01:11 am

I have the same issue with adcenter. I can’t manage my ads. I supposed its not running as well since traffic had been down since yesterday thus I got advancedwebads to add traffic to my site with their unlimited banner impressions and clicks for a flat monthly fee. I just hope Microsoft can fix it asap.


03/25/2011 08:39 pm

The keyword level for each match-type being bought, Scores are designed to represent how competitive your keyword is within the marketplace. orlando villas

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