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Live Blogging Coverage SMXBelow is live coverage of the Credit Where Credit Is Due: Demystifying Attribution panel from the SMX West 2011 conference. This coverage is provided by Marty Weintraub of aimClear Blog.

Disclaimer: The coverage is brought to you in real time, using a custom live blogging tool. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments for inclusion into the live coverage. During the live event, live notes will auto-scroll with newest entries at top. After the session is complete the archive version will have the oldest entries at the top. We ask you to please excuse any typos, as these are live notes.

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Marty Weintraub: 11:17:10 am
Hello! Welcome to the Analytics & Conversion Track @ #SMX West, the session "Credit Where Credit Is Due: Demystifying Attribution"
Marty Weintraub: 11:17:53 am
Measuring ROI is key to effective online acquisition efforts. When you know what’s working (and what isn’t), you can react quickly. Just as important are the insights online data can give you about your customers: what were they searching for that caused them to buy? Did that display ad make all the difference? Unfortunately, attributing all conversions to the last click is easy to do with current analytics products, yet doing so obscures real customer data and effectiveness measurements. This panel will provide real answers on how to track a customer’s searches through all phases of the buying cycle, how to measure cross channel "assists," and how to avoid the dangers of last click attribution.
Marty Weintraub: 11:18:13 am
Moderator: Vanessa Fox, Contributing Editor, Search Engine Land

Q&A Moderator: Ezra Silverton, President & Founder, 9th sphere

Marty Weintraub: 11:19:07 am

Adam Goldberg, Chief Innovation Officer, ClearSaleing
Justin Merickel, Efficient Frontier,
Danielle Smith, Strategy and Client Development, Range Online Media
David Sprinkle, Director of Analytics and Insight, ROI Labs
Marty Weintraub: 11:19:36 am
Justin Merickel, Efficient Frontier, is up now, promoting Efficient Frontier
Marty Weintraub: 11:19:54 am
He asks, how are we influenced?
Marty Weintraub: 11:20:50 am
Great chart, showing platforms, conversion type, retargeting, a classic attribution chain, highlights the complexity of the attribution problem, 4-6 touchpoints before conversion.
Marty Weintraub: 11:22:08 am
Justin is talking about the relative importance of conversion variables. The number one driver is time. Setting the cookie length for your business is very important.
Marty Weintraub: 11:23:42 am
"Attribution" is to track the interaction of the user with all media channels. Model how different factors contribute to conversion and relate to one another. Allocate media spend based on cross-channel models.
Marty Weintraub: 11:25:05 am
The last click world is about to change. We will distribute the value of conversion across multiple channels.
Marty Weintraub: 11:27:01 am
SEM 35%, SEO 25%, Facebook 10% and display 30% in an equal credit model.
Marty Weintraub: 11:27:34 am
The models are equal credit, last click and first click.
Marty Weintraub: 11:28:20 am
Changing attribution impacts budget. The new concept is cross channel optimization
Marty Weintraub: 11:28:52 am
"To dynamically model all cross-channel optimization
Marty Weintraub: 11:29:44 am
The case study shows that optimal budget allocation of TV and SEM spend in July would have resulted in a 5% lift
Marty Weintraub: 11:31:13 am
Work through traffic to unify data for Attribution is a partial solution. Attribution + algorithmic optimization is the solution for answering the media mix question
Marty Weintraub: 11:32:15 am
Next up is Adam Goldberg, Chief Innovation Officer, ClearSaleing
Marty Weintraub: 11:34:30 am
The likelihood that a channel was the ONLY channel touched skews down from emai
Marty Weintraub: 11:35:22 am
paid search is disproportionate likely to come before other channels, rather than later.
Marty Weintraub: 11:36:08 am
PPC is 4X more likely to click on a non brand PPC and and return through an affiliate.
Marty Weintraub: 11:38:10 am
PPC conversion is 2X more likely to come after email as opposed to the the reverse.
Marty Weintraub: 11:39:50 am
Lots of sales move from first and last between non brand search and affiliates functions.
Marty Weintraub: 11:40:20 am
Incredibly actionable data for search. Search is an easily manipulated channel, beds are easy to change, budgets are easier to alter.
Marty Weintraub: 11:42:06 am
Using the data: Assign attributed values to PPC, using the rules order, time, etc... proportional is a good first step
Marty Weintraub: 11:42:36 am
drive the program by attributed values, lower sales in search = pull back for efficiency, higher sales in search = push.
Marty Weintraub: 11:45:38 am
By assigning proper value to new customers, we can properly assess performance of each channel deeper than last touch
Marty Weintraub: 11:47:34 am
This was a great presentation.
Marty Weintraub: 11:48:33 am
Eytan Seidman is up
Marty Weintraub: 11:50:59 am
He is showing a case study that won't translate to live blogging and promoting his company.
Marty Weintraub: 11:52:12 am
The dynamics of hotel leisure market: Day 1: Organic visit. Queries for San Francisco hotel reviews, ten minutes and leave
Marty Weintraub: 11:52:32 am
Day 5 paid search visit, queries best hotel price
Marty Weintraub: 11:52:52 am
Day 9, direct navigation to the site and books a room for $400
Marty Weintraub: 11:53:25 am
How many past visits has the user had and through what channel paid, organic, direct, referral, email?
Marty Weintraub: 11:53:47 am
What pages did they view and have they signed up for an email newsletter?
Marty Weintraub: 11:54:59 am
Use Google's Custom Vaiables, set a specific user visitor ID, create your own. Inspect to see if user has a visitor ID
Marty Weintraub: 11:57:19 am
He is showing examples of a particular users behavior, via Google custom variables. The biggest take away from this speaker is that you can use killer programming in Google analytics.
Marty Weintraub: 11:58:01 am
This depends on users coming in from the same browser and the same machine. Mobile/Home PPC, laptop, work, IE to Chrome, etc... messes things up, but there is still transparency.
Marty Weintraub: 11:58:41 am
He calls "lift" whatever can't be seen. Turn certain channels like SEM off and measure what you can't see. Also, getting logins from users solves it.
Marty Weintraub: 12:00:16 pm
Now we're heading to Q&A.
Marty Weintraub: 12:01:22 pm
Thank you! This has been coverage of the Analytics & Conversion Track @ #SMX West, the session "Credit Where Credit Is Due: Demystifying Attribution"
Marty Weintraub: 12:01:36 pm
My name is Marty Weintraub, @aimClear

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