Embarrassing: Naked Site Looking For Attention

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EmbarrassingI often do not cover crazy rants found in the SEO/Webmaster forums but I figured I start off the new year with showing you how a single post can ruin the future of a web site forever.

A post in both the Google Webmaster Help and Google News Help forums has a complaint from a site owner.

He wrote:

After finding my website off google index over the last 2 months, I have decided that a little one on one time is needed in the google office in Tel Aviv, I think I need to personally discuss the reasons that my website has been de indexed. I have redone my website, re hosted it 3 times and thrown lots of money at it only to be told piss off, by google. I dont like being told to piss off.

He is upset his site was not accepted into Google News or Google's main web search index.

He said he put a ton of money into it, switched hosts 3 times but still after 2 months, he is not included.

So I took a look at the site, which is named yadisrael.org. The name means hand of Israel but if you look at the site, there is a total of two sentences written on the site, which references a third party site. This is suppose to be a "news" site but it has no content, nothing on it at all.

Here is a picture:

click for full size

The site looks like it was designed right but it looks like whom ever is responsible for content has not done a thing.

Google wants sites with content, not empty sites. What should Google do with a site like this?

Sure, he isn't doing anything against Google's terms of service, but the site is doing nothing at all. It is like being found naked in front of your whole class.

A post like this, in a public forum, can seriously impact the reputation of the site in the future and the reputation of the owner of the site.

It is embarrassing but I hope this encourages more content and the link helps a bit.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help and Google News Help.

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