Do We Need A Search Marketing Code Of Ethics?


SEMPO LogoIt has been a while since we talked about SEMPO, Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, one of the first and longest lasting organizations for the SEM community.

But they announced they will be working on a code of ethics for the SEM community. Yep, SEMPO said they want to build a "enforceable search engine marketing code of ethics for North America."

To do so, they want to form a "Search Congress," elected delegates from the community, to come together to attempt to work up these ethics.

To elect someone, you need to come from a "eligible" search marketing organization, and these are those requirements:

  • Groups that self-identify as serving search engine marketers in some capacity
  • Groups that are at least 1 year old
  • Groups that have at least 10 dues-paying members
  • Active SEMPO Local groups that are more than 1 year old
  • Groups that are primarily active in North America
  • Groups that have pre-existing by-laws

The big questions are:

(1) Do we need a code of ethics for the industry?

(2) If so, what would those codes be?

(3) Would they be enforceable in any way?

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

This post was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today. FYI, I am offline today, so if Google does a Penguin update - I won't get to it until Monday.

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